• After the signing of the document (by ACN)

    200 social and economic entities join forces to bring the European Medicines Agency to Barcelona

    Around 200 social, economic, cultural, and academic entities joined forces in a manifesto to give support to Barcelona’s campaign to bring the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to the Catalan capital. The manifesto was read by the Catalan actor Josep Maria Pou at the Faculty of Medicine at Barcelona University on Monday. The event also featured the Spanish health minister, Dolors Montserrat, the Catalan health minister, Antoni Comín, and other authorities. The manifesto says that Barcelona “wants to be and can be a great headquarters” for the EMA, among other reasons because of its scientific, technologic, and industrial potential” and because “it enjoys maximum institutional, civil, and social support”. According to the signatories, Barcelona is also ideal because of how the city faces great challenges with excitement and conviction like the successful celebration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona 25 years ago.

Dalí Museum in Figueres (by ACN)

Salvador Dalí’s body to be exhumed in paternity suit
A court in Madrid has ordered that the body of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí be exhumed to provide genetic samples in a paternity lawsuit. A Tarot card reader from Girona, Maria Pilar Abel, claims she is the biological daughter of the famous Catalan artist. According to Abel, Dalí met her mother in the 1950s when she worked for a family that often spent summers in Cadaqués, close to the painter’s home. The pair “had a friendship that developed into clandestine love,” claim the court documents filed by Abel.

The Spanish Police sarched former Catalan President, Jordi Pujol's residence in Barcelona

Former Spanish police inspector admits that “politicians have tried to use police for political aims”
Has Spanish government ever used the police to investigate pro-independence leaders in order to discredit their movement? A now-retired Spanish police inspector implies so. José Manuel Villarejo admitted that “some politicians have tried to use police for political aims” in an interview to TV program ‘Salvados’ on Sunday. Talking about the current head of Spanish police, Ignacio Cosidó, Villarejo suggested that he was working under the instruction of the Spanish Vice President, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. “He boasted that he did not trust the secretary of State or the minister of Home Affairs and that he was in touch directly with the Spanish vice-president."

Bernhard von Grünberg (by Helle Kettner)

Longtime German MP urges Europe to intervene in the Catalan question
“It is absurd to take pro-independence politicians to court, because it only fuels support for independence. It looks like the State wants the conflict,” said German politician Bernhard Von Grünberg incredulously in an interview with the CNA. Von Grünberg advocates Europe’s role in the resolution of the stalemate between Catalonia and Spain, a state, which according to him, is getting closer and closer to an authoritarian system. “As European democrats we cannot look the other way with the excuse that we already have enough conflicts, and just watch while Spain reverts to an authoritarian system,” said the German Socialist, who has been MP in the Land of North Rhine Westphalia for 12 years and was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic. “We need a more democratic Europe,” Von Grünberg determined. He takes the stance that the lack of historical memory in Spain is one of the reasons for the current political deadlock. Von Grünberg is also president of the rental law association of his land (German federal district). He supports the local rental law association in Barcelona to help create a more attractive legal framework for rental housing in Spain in order to promote more equal social and economic growth in Europe. On Wednesday, June 28, he will receive an award from APPEC, the Association of Catalan Periodicals, in Barcelona for his social and political involvement.

The Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, and the PSOE leader, Pedro Sánchez (by X.Vallbona)

Rajoy rejects defining Spain as ‘plurinational’
Spanish president Mariano Rajoy is deaf to all talk of Spain as a plurinational state. Rejecting the socialist opposition’s acceptance of the term “plurinational” to describe Spain, on Friday Rajoy went only as far as admitting that the State includes "nationalities and regions" and suggested that "it makes no sense to dwell on it." "I am not in favour of the term plurinational; it calls for an explanation of what it means. I favour something encapsulated in the Constitution that is well-understood, in Spain there are nationalities and regions, it is what was agreed at the time," he said.
  • Picasso exhibition in Ceret, France

    Dalí and Picasso celebrated in Northern Catalonia

    Some say that Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí admired each other’s work. Others say they had a rather tense relationship. In any case, the influence of both artists on the places where they worked is indisputable. Northern Catalonia is presenting two exhibitions, which show the border-crossing connection between the art of these two masters and the cities of the Roselló region where they painted. Thus, the Museum of Modern Art of Ceret has opened the exhibition 'Dalí: Eureka', with more than 300 pieces by the famous Catalan artist that reveal how science influenced him. The exhibition includes 25 paintings loaned by museums and private collections as well as objects, drawings, and manuscripts by the artist himself as well as works by Man Ray, Buñuel, and Robert Descharnes. Dalí was interested in a range of scientific disciplines, from astrophysics through genetics and psychoanalysis to the theory of relativity. An understanding of this interest helps reveal new aspects of the artist’s work. Perpignan, perhaps the most well known city in Northern Catalonia, on the French side of the Pyrenees, has recently seen the reopening of the Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum of Art with an exhibition titled “Picasso-Perpinyà, An Intimate Circle, 1953-1955” which reviews the artist’s influence on the city. The exhibit gathers more than 100 works and documents, among them photographs and unedited videos that are testimony to the artist’s relationship with Perpignan.
  • The Daniel Rosa collection at the 080 Barcelona Fashion (by Helle Kettner)

    080 Barcelona Fashion kicks off with 37 Catalan designers on show

    Up to 37 designers and fashion brands reveal the most popular fashion trends in Barcelona. The 20th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion opened on Monday with children’s clothing brands Bóboli and Little Creative Factory first on the catwalk, followed by the designs of Daniel Rosa and Krizia Robustella. Until June 30, visitors will be able to enjoy the latest work by Catalan designers in one of the most iconic venues in the city, the modernist Hospital de Sant Pau. "We support the 080 because it is a very effective way to promote the sector," said Business and Knowledge Minister Jordi Baiget.
  • Nicola Danti at the press conference in Barcelona (by ACN)

    Airbnb an 'opportunity' for Barcelona, says consumer protection MEP

    The sharing economy should be seen as an opportunity but one that needs European regulation, said MEP Nicola Danti in a press conference in Barcelona on Monday. The MEP’s statements come amid a controversial dispute between Barcelona’s city government and Airbnb, the online platform for renting tourist apartments. The vice president of the EU’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee chose the Catalan capital as the place to explain a European Parliament resolution on the collaborative economy. “Cities have to play an important role and it’s crucial that online platforms also take on responsibilities,” he said. According to Danti, what is needed is common regulation that distinguishes between “peers” and “professionals” and assures sustainable growth of large and small platforms in Europe. Asked about the online service providers Uber and Airbnb, Danti defended them as “creative” and “positive” for the sharing economy, but argued that they need regulation to assure fair competition. “Uber is a transport service, this is clear, and not just a digital service, so they have to respond to the same fiscal and consumer regulations as local services in the sector,” he said, adding: “If I paid a tourist tax in the hotel this morning, Airbnb should do the same.”.


  • Tourists leaving their hotel in Lloret de Mar, in Girona's region (by ACN)

    23.06.17 - 18:55

    Catalonia braces for record number of tourists

    Catalonia is preparing for yet another mass arrival of tourists this summer. The sector is expecting record-breaking occupancy figures, with Barcelona city apartments at nearly a 100% in for the whole summer. Meanwhile, the main coastal towns and resorts expect nearly full occupancy rates in July and August, with inland tourist spots up to 80% in August. Many occupancy rates are expected to set a new post-crisis record, with some figures...
  • Sant Joan's bonfire in Castelló d'Empúries, Girona (by ACN)

    23.06.17 - 13:09

    Midsummer's Eve in Catalonia: one of the most magical nights of the year… but caution!

    Firecrackers, bonfires, packed beaches, a torch relay from the mountains to the cities, and happy children. These are only some of the elements converging in one of the most magical and brightest nights of the year in Catalonia, Midsummer's Eve (also known as Saint John's Eve, June 23). Dating back some hundreds of years as part of the summer solstice celebration, tradition has it that fire purifies and dispels the imaginary beings that wander...
  • Laura Urquiu of Red Points at the conference (by ACN)

    23.06.17 - 13:08

    European conference in Barcelona underscores importance of women in tech

    “Diversity in companies is very important because women bring an essential vision to the sector.” With this message, Laura Urquizu, CEO of Red Points summarized the aim of the “Europe Female Founders” conference which took place on Thursday in Barcelona with a special focus on women in tech businesses. More than 100 startup founders exchanged their experiences and discussed the challenges in developing a business in the IT sector....
  • David Alegret during the opera performance in prison (by ACN)

    22.06.17 - 21:19

    Pioneer project puts opera in prison

    The prestigious Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house and the Catalan government began a new joint opera project with Barcelona’s Quatre Camins prison this month. Two opera singers performed such well-known pieces as ‘The Barber of Seville’ and 'Romeo and Juliet” in front of 300 inmates on Thursday. Several workshops in the lead-up to the concert helped to create an open atmosphere of integration among the prisoners, forging connections...
  • Nissan's new electric van being built in Barcelona (by J. Pujolar)

    22.06.17 - 18:14

    Catalan economy hits 19% of Spanish GDP for first time this century

    Catalonia’s economy now makes up more than 19% of the Spanish economy, says a Catalan chambers of commerce report. The 19% figure is the highest percentage this century, finds the study published on Thursday, with an increase from 18.7% to 19.03% since 2011. “The 2016 economic balance was very positive and in 2017 a similar performance by f the Catalan economy is expected, with a growth of about 3%,” stated the report. Furthermore, the...
  • Visitors at the exhibition about the Sitges Film Festival (by ACN)

    22.06.17 - 17:31

    Sitges Film Festival celebrates 50 years

    An exhibition commemorating 50 years of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival opens on Thursday at the Catalan Film Archive. The exhibit covers the festival’s history, showing how it has evolved with different films and guests summarizing the past five decades. ‘Cinema is Fantastic’ is the title of the retrospective which includes all 50 posters from past editions, together with pictures of the main guests invited to the...
  • Catalan VP, Oriol Junqueras, Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont and Catalan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Raül Romeva (by

    22.06.17 - 12:47

    Independence referendum details to be unveiled on July 4

    A website with more than 100 questions and answers and more than 200 events to explain the referendum. These are only some of the initiatives that the Catalan government is planning in order to raise awareness about the independence vote. After announcing earlier this month that the referendum will be held on October 1, the Catalan government will unveil its information campaign and all the technical details and legal backing of the...

  • Spanish Constitutional Court (by Miquel Codolar)

    21.06.17 - 19:43

    Constitutional Court rules against ‘Foreign Affairs’ designation of Catalan ministry but endorses external action

    The Constitutional Court (TC) nullified the designation 'Foreign Affairs’ for Raül Romeva’s ministry on Wednesday , but endorsed the Catalan government’s activities abroad, as long as they “do not infringe State powers”. By nullifying the designation, which in fact is no longer used, the court upheld only part of the the Spanish government’s appeal against the denomination as well as certain powers of the Catalan foreign affairs...
  • Raül Romeva in the mass grave of Figuerola d’Orcau, in the Catalan Pyrenees (by ACN)

    21.06.17 - 17:26

    First Civil War mass grave exhumed in Catalan government initiative

    Catalan foreign minister, Raül Romeva, visited the first Spanish Civil War common burial site to be exhumed in Catalonia as part of the Catalan government’s 2017-2018 mass grave plan, on Wednesday. The exhumation in the north-western town of Figuerola d’Orcau, in the Catalan Pyrenees, found the remains of 17 bodies that were lined up and buried with military elements, such as uniforms, boots and ammunition belts, which makes experts think...
  • Fira Tàrrega (by Cortes L.)

    21.06.17 - 15:59

    Tàrrega street festival presents art and science from 8 different countries

    The Fira Tàrrega presented the program for the new edition, to be held from September 7 to 10, which includes 54 projects from 8 different countries with 21 premières, on Tuesday. Half of the companies taking part are Catalan, a quarter are from Spain and almost a fifth are international participants. The event will be structured in five sections titled Participate, Complain, Act, Celebrate and Play. As in last year’s edition, theater and...
  • Mossos d'Esquadra officers arresting a suspected terrorist in Sabadell (by J. Pujolar)

    21.06.17 - 10:36

    Catalan police exclusion from Europol 'can compromise' European security, warns Eurocop

    Politicizing security puts citizens at risk. The Catalan police force, the Mossos d'Esquadra, should have access to Europol databases and forums just like any other competent security authority in Europe, said the president of Eurocop, Àngels Bosch, in an interview with the CNA. Following the outrage in Catalonia that the Basque police force, Ertzaitza, was granted access to Europol by the Spanish government while the Mossos were kept out,...
  • Catalan minister, Borràs, recieving the notification (by Rafa Garrido)

    20.06.17 - 19:10

    Court admits case against Catalan minister for ballot box purchase

    A Catalan government minister is to end up in court for buying ballot boxes. Catalonia’s Supreme Court (TSJC) notified the Catalan Minister for Public Administrations Meritxell Borràs that it has admitted the complaint filed against her for the purchase of ballot boxes for use in the October 1 referendum. This is the latest in a series of court cases against pro-independence officials, following the prosecution of the Catalan Parliament...
  • Amazons' logistics centre at Castellbisbal, 30 kilometres from Barcelona (by ACN)

    20.06.17 - 17:27

    Record-breaking €5bn of foreign investment in Catalonia

    Catalonia received more than five billion euros of foreign investment for the first time ever, according to data released by the Spanish ministry of economy earlier today. Investment reached €5.05 billion, a slightly higher figure than in 2015, which already set an all-time record at €4.92 billion. The trend continued in the first quarter of 2017, the best in history at €856.4 million.
  • the Port of Barcelona (by ACN)

    20.06.17 - 15:39

    Catalan exports increase by 9.2% between January and April

    Catalan exports increased by 9.2% in April compared to January and reached 5.5 billion euros, according to data released today by the Spanish ministry of economy, industry and competitiveness, but dropped by 2.7% compared to April 2016. Catalan exports are 25.3% of Spanish exports overall although Catalonia makes up 16% of the population. The first four months of 2017 mark the best ever start of a year with 23.15 billion euros on aggregate.
  • Memorial for the Hipercor attack victims (by Barcelona city hall)

    20.06.17 - 15:36

    Barcelona pays tribute to the victims of the Hipercor attack

    On June 19, 1987, a car bomb exploded in an Hipercor discount department store in Barcelona leaving 21 dead and 45 injured. It was the most severe terrorist attack perpetrated in Catalonia’s recent history. On Monday, June 19, citizens, city and governmental officials honored the victims in a remembrance ceremony organized by ACVOT, a terrorist victims association group. Barcelona's mayor, Ada Colau, and the Catalan president, Carles...
  • Núria Parlón is the Mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (by ACN)

    20.06.17 - 14:53

    Local Socialist leader says Catalonia 'has no right to self-determination '

    Catalonia is a nation but "has no right to self-determination". That is the opinion of Núria Parlón, a leading figure in the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC), who has just recently been placed in charge of social cohesion and integration policy on the executive council of the affiliated Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE). While recognizing that Catalonia is "undoubtedly" a nation, Parlón rejected an independence referendum during a radio interview...