• Nissan's new electric van being built in Barcelona (by J. Pujolar)

    Catalan economy hits 19% of Spanish GDP for first time this century

    Catalonia’s economy now makes up more than 19% of the Spanish economy, says a Catalan chambers of commerce report. The 19% figure is the highest percentage this century, finds the study published on Thursday, with an increase from 18.7% to 19.03% since 2011. “The 2016 economic balance was very positive and in 2017 a similar performance by f the Catalan economy is expected, with a growth of about 3%,” stated the report. Furthermore, the chambers of commerce point out that the country is coming out of the crisis “very quickly” and that 2016 GDP exceeded that of 2007 for the first time in this period. The statement also shows that the Catalan economy has been growing faster than the Spanish one since 2013, with a 1.9% average increase in GDP, four decimal points higher.


The Office for Business Managment in Barcelona

07.07.10 - 18:21

Catalonia limits time to create business enterprising to 48 hours

The bureaucracy that comes with starting a company in Catalonia has been reduced from almost a month to just two days, according to the Minister for Innovation, Universities and Business.
Catalan minister for the Economy, Antoni Castells, and the president of Enagas, Antoni Llarden

06.07.10 - 22:49

Gas connection decision between Catalonia and France to be made this year

Catalonia is the territory with the largest consumption of gas within the Spanish state, with 19% of the total
Chickens at the Miquel Avícola plant in Pla d l'Estany.

02.07.10 - 17:12

Fertilised eggs from Catalonia exported to Iran, Iraq, Russia and Africa

A farm in Girona exports 71% of its production all over the world. 90% of the incubated eggs will become living chicks. In order to operate in these new destinations, the company will have to overcome the lack of air connections for its merchandise.
José Blanco and José Montilla

30.06.10 - 04:18

The first two sections of the B-40 ringroad unveiled

The ringroad will eventually run between Barcelona, Granollers and Abrera via Terrassa
The construction sector will not recover at least until 2012

07.07.10 - 17:34

The construction sector in Catalonia is still on the edge despite an expected timid recovery in Europe

The lack of public construction contracts will affect the building sector and make for an unlikely recovery in the industry, according to the Institute for Construction Technologies of Catalonia.
Salvador Alemany, chairman and CEO of Abertis.

06.07.10 - 17:44

La Caixa and ACS may buy transport infrastructure company Abertis

The two largest Abertis shareholders study the possibility of a leveraged buy-out through the investing firm CVC. The operation is worthy 25 billion euros, according to the Financial Times. La Caixa and ACS own 55% of Abertis.
Sabadell United Bank's headquarters in Miami's financial district

02.07.10 - 01:17

Sabadell United Bank open for business in the U.S.

The Catalan bank, Banc Sabadell, has an important presence in Florida, where its U.S. headquarters are located at the heart of Miami?s financial district. Banc Sabadell is Catalonia?s 2nd financial institution and the 4th in Spain.
Finestrelles, a Sacresa project in Esplugues de Llobregat.

29.06.10 - 17:21

Construction giant Sacresa goes bankrupt

Catalan construction company Sacresa files for bankruptcy. It will not be able to pay back its total debt of around 1,800 million euros to various financial entities.
The former director of Caixa Catalunya, Narcís Serra, with the new managing team of the merged saving bank

07.07.10 - 00:31

Caixa Catalunya leads three-way merger of Catalan savings banks

Three Catalan saving banks have merged into a single lender that will close up to 395 branches around Spain. The result of the merger is still without a name.
Catalan Vice President, Josep-Lluís Carod Rovira (left) and Quebec's Minister for Economic Development, Clément Gignac

06.07.10 - 01:13

Catalan businesses make alliances with Quebec firms

The Catalan and Quebec Governments are working together on an initiative to create business alliances in order to strengthen economic bonds and gain access to financial credits.
The Catalan Minister of Economy, Antoni Castells // ACN

01.07.10 - 05:25

Catalan Minister of Economy dismayed at the lack of an energy model in Spain

Antoni Castells considers that the minimum social conditions necessary for consensus do not exist, as the energy model is often used as a political weapon. In the last 5 years there have been large controversies around mergers within the Spanish...
Image of Sagrera station's entrance hall

28.06.10 - 03:26

Subway lines 9 and 10 reach Barcelona thanks to two new stations

President Montilla declares that the economic crisis may affect the timetable of such infrastructure work but will not alter governmental objectives
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