• Nissan's new electric van being built in Barcelona (by J. Pujolar)

    Catalan economy hits 19% of Spanish GDP for first time this century

    Catalonia’s economy now makes up more than 19% of the Spanish economy, says a Catalan chambers of commerce report. The 19% figure is the highest percentage this century, finds the study published on Thursday, with an increase from 18.7% to 19.03% since 2011. “The 2016 economic balance was very positive and in 2017 a similar performance by f the Catalan economy is expected, with a growth of about 3%,” stated the report. Furthermore, the chambers of commerce point out that the country is coming out of the crisis “very quickly” and that 2016 GDP exceeded that of 2007 for the first time in this period. The statement also shows that the Catalan economy has been growing faster than the Spanish one since 2013, with a 1.9% average increase in GDP, four decimal points higher.


The president of Relais Chateaux, Jaume Tàpies, in his office in Paris

28.06.10 - 03:21

President of Relais Chateaux says that Alguaire airport will be too small to handle winter tourism

Jaume Tàpies argues a new terminal must be built to handle those skiers who have used Toulouse airport up until now
Erwin Rahue, the head of the BASF group's activities in Spain

23.06.10 - 04:51

BASF increases sales by 27%

The multinational chemical company, with a strong presence in Catalonia, increases sales in Spain in the first quarter of 2010 despite the effects of the economic crisis in the construction and automobile sectors.
The railways over which the future Sagrera station will be constructed

22.06.10 - 15:58

Barcelona's largest train station kicks off

High-speed trains, regional trains, subways and buses will combine into the greatest transport hub of Barcelona, La Sagrera. The Catalan President considers this huge project as ?an example of cooperation between the different administrations?.
AENA's President, Juan Lema

17.06.10 - 23:46

Barcelona airport to double its capacity in the next few years

While most European airports operate at over-capacity, Barcelona's airport has the potential to 'expand' and reach up to 50 million travellers, according to the industry.
Álvaro Middelmann, Director of Air Berlin in Portugal and Spain

28.06.10 - 00:25

Air Berlin to stay in Mallorca

The German airline criticises current connections between Barcelona airport terminals and opts to stay in the Balearic Islands.
Ryanair planes in Girona Airport

22.06.10 - 21:54

Foreign tourism in Catalonia grows 2.3% in May

The number of tourists that visited Catalonia this May increased by 2.3% in comparison to May of 2009, despite the volcano ash cloud. Catalonia remains the first autonomous community in number of foreign visitors.
A group of workers in the SEAT factory, in Catalonia

19.06.10 - 00:59

Exportations drive Catalan industrial sector recovery

Catalan manufacturers have improved their activity during the first quarter of 2010, a positive trend that depends on the evolution of the debt crisis, says the Secretary for Industry and Business.
Catalan minister for the Economy, Antoni Castells

16.06.10 - 21:40

The Catalan Government urges Madrid to consider Catalonia's potential to lead economic recovery

Catalan President José Montilla asks for 'solidarity and cooperation' with the Spanish Government in the economic system reform and the labour market. Catalonia represents almost 20% of Spain GDP and it is its main export centre.
Joaquín Almunia, European Commissioner for Competition, today at the press conference.

23.06.10 - 23:46

Brussels fines Catalan group Roca around 39 million euros for breaking competition law

Catalan sanitary company Roca has been fined 38.7 million euros for participating in a cartel (agreeing on prices competitors) with 16 other sanitary companies for over 12 years. Masco informed the European Commission of the covert operation.
Miguel Angel Fernández Ordóñez (talking) before the Spanish Parliament's Economy Committee

22.06.10 - 21:37

The Bank of Spain asks autonomous communities for greater austerity

The Bank of Spain?s Governor demands that autonomous communities and local administrations cut public expenditure even more. He has added that most of the means announced by these public administrations are too far from the level of reductions the...
A La Caixa office next to a Caixa Girona one

18.06.10 - 20:11

La Caixa gives its green light to merge with Caixa Girona

The largest financial institution in Catalonia and the largest savings bank in Europe, La Caixa, agreed to merge with Caixa Girona. Yesterday evening, La Caixa?s board approved the merger with the medium sized Girona savings bank.
Ferran Soriano, president of Spanair, accompained by Commercial Director, Núria Tarré, and CEO Mike Szucs

15.06.10 - 22:11

Barcelona consolidates its position as air traffic hub for Southern Europe

President of Spanair offers first year results at new Terminal T1 at El Prat airport. The single hub policy at Catalan capital has led to an increase in the number of passengers over the last year
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