• The Catalan Vice President, Oriol Junqueras, in Sitges (by ACN)

    Catalan economy to grow even faster than expected

    The Catalan Minister of Economy and Finance, Oriol Junqueras, defended the good health of the Catalan economy on Friday and insisted on the Catalan executive’s commitment to continue within the European Union in case of independence. At the 33th Annual Meeting of the Economy Circle in Sitges, Junqueras confirmed that his executive expects to surpass 2.7% of annual economic growth and highlighted the fact that Catalonia account for 85% of the deficit reduction of all administrations in Spain. The Catalan minister also used the opportunity to communicate a message of calm to the economic sector, guaranteeing that “Catalonia will not leave the EU in case of independence” since there is “absolutely no legal mechanism that foresees this case”. Along this line, Junqueras stressed the “firm pro-European commitment” of the Catalan government and its determination of “strengthening” a common project and creating “excellent relationships” with neighbors, “especially Spain”. In this case, however, like “two states with the same powers”.


The service sector has recovered the most in May. PHOTO: CNA File

03.06.10 - 13:36

Unemployment in Catalonia drops by 3.19% in May

In the rest of Spain, unemployment has decreased 1.84% in the last month. However, both Catalan and Spanish figures remain at highest rates of the last decade: about 575,000 Catalans are unemployed. In overall Spain, about 4.07 million people are...

29.05.10 - 16:51

Catalan week at the World Expo in Shanghai

Chinese businessmen attend seminar on investing in Catalonia
Demonstration in Tarragona

21.05.10 - 04:27

Government employees demonstrate against wage cuts

Unease as Spanish government approves 5% reduction in public wage bill
The demonstration in front of the Generalitat organized by the main public trade unions.

02.06.10 - 03:27

Catalan government raises income tax of higher earners

In 2011, people earning more than ?120,000 will see an increase of 2 points and those with wages higher than ?175,000 will see an increase of 4 points. This measure is part of a plan to reduce public deficit.
Ryanair is the main low-cost company at Girona airport.

26.05.10 - 17:41

Ryanair to fly from Barcelona's main airport

Low-cost airline to offer 20 new routes from the Catalan capital from next September
Miquel Valls, president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and Fernando Casado, president of the Family Business Institute

20.05.10 - 04:40

Catalonia ready to lead Spanish economic recovery says Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Exports are the key to generating new business according to report
Manel Serra, the president of Caixa Girona

01.06.10 - 03:18

Caixa Girona to merge with La Caixa

Catalan savings banks continue to restructure
European Commission building

26.05.10 - 03:07

Brussels asks Catalan Government and town halls to tighten belt

EU economic spokesman says 'fiscal discipline must be respected at all governmental levels'
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