Friday, 12 May 2017

Catalan telecommunications operator ‘Parlem’ doubles annual turnover to 1.3 million euros


Barcelona (ACN).-The Catalan telecommunications operator ‘Parlem’ closed fiscal year 2016 with 1.3 millions euros in profit, doubling its 2015 turnover of 641,000 euros, it said Thursday in a press release. Enrique Pérez-Mas, president and shareholder of Parlem, attributed the company’s economic growth to the consolidation of the high-speed-internet connection they offer and the launch of the linear television service, which has allowed Parlem to become a convergent operator.

According to Pérez-Mas, the telecommunications operator expects to continue its growth during 2017, tripling 2016 turnovers, reaching 4 million euros. For this purpose, Parlem plans to reach more homes through agreements with other operators. Moreover, the company is planning on develoingp its TV platform by adding more features by the end of the summer.

At present, Parlem offers mobile phone coverage and high-speed-internet connections via the Orange network that reaches 1.5 million homes as well as approximately 90,000 with fiber optic lines all over Catalonia. The company, worth 6.6 million euros, works with MásMóvil as an industrial partner and stockholder. Other important stockholders are Capital Wave, Inverready and Ernest Pérez-Mas. Catalan telecommunication operator Parlem was set up in July 2014 and offers its services to individuals and companies with emphasis on mobile phones and land lines, access to broadband, television and virtual switchboards.

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  • The CEO of Parlem, Ernest Pérez-Mas (by ACN)