• Some pears from the Lleida Designation of Origin

    Catalonia is an agriculture and gastronomic power. Some of its chefs and restaurants are awarded top world distinctions. In addition, the diverse geography and climates, combining mountains, hills, forests, planes, river deltas and seashores, give Catalonia privileged natural conditions when it comes to food variety. Catalonia's agri-food industry profits from these assets and offers a wide and rich variety of quality products.

Hazelnut panellets (by S. Gómez)

31.10.11 - 22:37

Catalan Panellets, the odyssey of a culinary tradition born in Constantinople

‘Tots Sants’ or All Saints Day is celebrated in Catalonia with the traditional panellets, a small sweet made of marzipan pastry and coated with different ingredients available at every bakery in every Catalan town. Together with grilled...
Specimens of Catalan goats (by ACN)

24.08.11 - 13:46

Saving Catalan traditional agriculture

The project ‘Cultures Trobades’ has already avoided the extinction of 300 varieties of seeds, 50 ancient vineyards and the last living specimens of the Catalan goats. The initiative aims to preserve traditional Catalan agriculture, "the...
One of Fundació Alícia's cooks teaches how to properly use a knife (by E. Escolà)

30.05.11 - 23:29

Harvard students investigate the relation between food and health in Central Catalonia

The five top students of Harvard University course ‘Cuisine and Science’ are spending three weeks in the Fundació Alícia, a reference and unique centre exploring the link between food, health and innovation. The course is organised by Ferran...
Chef Joan Roca before the award ceremony in London (by L. Pous)

20.04.11 - 15:50

‘El Celler de Can Roca’ is the second best restaurant in the world

The Catalan restaurant came second in the ‘S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards’, organised by British Restaurant Magazine, with Copenhagen's ‘Noma’ topping the list.
Regina Santamaria (left) and her mother Angels Serra (right) (by ACN)

19.09.11 - 14:31

Santi Santamaria’s daughter in charge of her father’s restaurants

The Catalan chef Santi Santamaria, whose restaurant ‘Can Fabes’ has been awarded three Michelin stars uninterruptedly since 1994, died last February in Singapore, when he was unveiling his new restaurant ‘Santi’. At the time, Santi...
'Pernils Llémena' is the first Catalan meat company (and the 12th in Spain) being authorised to export to the US (by X. Pi)

20.06.11 - 15:06

Catalan ham factory Pernils Llémena to export to the American market in 2012

The company, that processes 1.2 million hams, is the first Catalan meat factory authorized to sell in the United States. As from next year, Pernils Llémena will start exporting to California and New York.
Mallafré oil is still produced by a small family business, despite its success (by A. Ferràs)

20.05.11 - 00:40

Top quality flavoured olive oil enchants the international market

The family company Mallafré has captivated International attention and recognition with its gourmet olive oils, flavoured with thyme, rosemary, garlic, coffee or tangerine, among other ingredients. 70% of the production is exported, mainly to...
The restaurant Moments in Barcelona got its first Michelin star (by Gastroteca.cat)

29.11.10 - 21:19

Catalan restaurants maintain high ranking in the Michelin guide

The prestigious red guide will add three Barcelona restaurant hotels to its 2011 edition. Paco Pérez’s Miramar Restaurant was awarded its 2nd Michelin star. The 4 3-star restaurants keep all their stars.
Josep Pous in his microbrewery where he produces the artisan beer Lybica (by F. Garcia)

30.08.11 - 16:02

Lybica, the first artisan beer from the Cerdanya county

The former mayor of Llívia, Josep Pous, has left politics and dedicated himself to artisan beer with his microbrewery. Lybica is the first artisan beer produced in the Cerdanya county, in the Pyrenees. It joins the boom of artisan beers in Catalonia.
The crisis has even affected sales of oranges (by M. Cervelló)

03.06.11 - 15:55

Catalan agriculture suffers from the “cucumber crisis” due to Germany’s premature accusations

Despite the scientific analysis that proves the innocence of Spanish field products, the demand for vegetables and fruit, not only cucumbers, has harshly hit agriculture throughout Spain. Catalan farmers are also heavily affected, as well as fresh...
Ferran Adrià and Lisa Abend at the presentation of the book's Spanish version (by E. Rosanas)

11.05.11 - 21:40

Hollywood to make a movie about Ferran Adrià’s restaurant El Bulli

Ferran Adrià has been considered for many years as the best chef in the world and his restaurant El Bulli, the world’s best restaurant. Together with Lisa Abend, ‘Time’ magazine’s Spain correspondent explained a movie project based on...
Photo of Four tons of truffles are expected to be collected this season in Catalonia

23.11.10 - 22:55

Four tons of truffles are expected to be collected this season in Catalonia

Every kilo of truffles will cost the consumer around 400 euros. There are 350 hectares in Catalonia where one can find this delicacy
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