• Representatives of the prize-winning architecture studios NL Architects and XVW architectuur (by Pau Cortina)

    The 2017 EU Mies Award winners praise Barcelona's "incredible richness" in architecture

    The Dutch architecture studios NL architects and XVW architectuur, received the EU Mies Award 2017 (Contemporary Architecture prize of the European Union – Mies van der Rohe) on Friday in Barcelona for the rehabilitation of a big apartment building in Amsterdam. According to the jury, this year’s edition communicates two important messages: First, modern architecture has to fulfill citizens’ needs, and second, citizens participation in urban projects is essential for solving urban challenges. In an interview with the CNA, representatives from both of the prizewinning studios, Kamiel Klaassen (NL) and Xander Vermeulen Windsant (XVW), commented about the “incredible richness and variety” of Barcelona’s architecture and praised the potential of the city’s structure for future urban development.


The modernist building 'Casa de les Punxes' standing in the middle of Barcelona's Avinguda Diagonal (by ACN)

05.08.16 - 18:06

Modernist castle ‘Casa de les Punxes’ opens to public after 100 years

The so-called ‘Casa de les Punxes’ (‘House of Spikes’) has opened its doors to the public after being closed for a century. Standing in the middle of Barcelona’s Avinguda Diagonal, this modernist building in...

Three sepulchres of the Monastery of Santa Maria of Sixena, currently kept at the Museum of Lleida (by ACN)

22.07.16 - 18:51

Dispute between Catalonia and Aragon over 97 pieces of art continues

The Government of Aragon has launched a judicial war against the Catalan Government over art from the Monastery of Santa Maria of Sixena, Aragon. The paintings and pieces of art were bought by the Generalitat in the...

Institut Ramon Llull's Director, Manuel Forcano, joined by Josep-Anton Fernández, responsbile for the IRL's Universities Department and Carme Oriol, from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (by ACN)

05.07.16 - 14:49

150 universities in 28 countries worldwide teach Catalan

More than 6,000 students worldwide learn Catalan language and culture in 28 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. More than 150 universities teach Catalan at different levels, 88 of which receive funding...

'Castellers of London' performing at London Borough's Market, this April (by ACN)

17.06.16 - 10:45

First international castells exhibition to be held in London this weekend

The Castellers of London will receive the French group Castellers de París from the 17th to the 19th of June to celebrate the first international encounter for this traditional human towers. Both groups will offer...

Project of the exhibition 'Franco-Victory-Republic: impunity and urban space’ to be displayed at Barcelona's Born Centre Cultural (by ACN)

04.08.16 - 18:33

Barcelona to display Francoist sculptures on the street as part of a controversial exhibition

The possibility that two Francoist sculptures may be displayed in Barcelona’s city centre as part of a temporary exhibition has unleashed controversy in the Catalan capital. ‘Franco-Victory-Republic: impunity and urban space’...

A ceramic-vase containing 200 silver denarius, dating from the 1st century B.C, was found in the Roman site of Empúries (by ACN)

21.07.16 - 17:57

200 silver denarius discovered in Empúries, largest treasure found so far in the Roman site

The archaeological site of Empúries, on the Costa Brava, continues to provide new discoveries.After three weeks of excavations,  a ceramic-vase containing 200 silver denarius dating from the 1st century B.C was found. It is the...

Sant Joan's bonfire in Castelló d'Empúries, Girona (by ACN)

23.06.16 - 19:26

Sant Joan, the Catalan fire festival, ignites on the 23rd of June

Sant Joan, or ‘nit de foc’ (‘night of fire’ in Catalan) will ignite Barcelona aflame the night of the 23rd of June. The festival coincides with the pagan holiday of summer solstice, the longest night of...

The 2016 Sonar team (by ACN)

10.06.16 - 15:30

Sonar 2015 added 72 million euros to the Catalan GDP

The economic contribution to Catalonia’s GDP from the 2015 Sonar music festival was 72 million euros. Along with Sonar+D, a series of conferences about the relationship between creativity and technology, the event brought in 111,000 visitors...
Promotional image of Beyoncé's new album 'Lemonade' (by Robin Harper)

03.08.16 - 18:37

Beyoncé chooses Barcelona as her only world tour stop in Spain

The pop diva Beyoncé chose the Catalan capital as her one and only stop in Spain on ‘The Formation World Tour’. Nearly 50,000 fans will enjoy the show, which is set to combine both the diva’s main hits and her latest...

'Orfeó Gracienc' performed at 'The Last Rehearsal' the institutional event which opened the commemoration of the 80th annviersary of the Spanish Civil War (by ACN)

18.07.16 - 23:19

Tribute to the victims “of all wars” to commemorate 80th anniversary of Spanish Civil War

Barcelona’s ‘Palau de la Música’, one of the most symbolic cultural institutions in Catalonia, hosted the first of the commemorative events to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Spanish...

Image of a castell by 'Geperuts de Paris' during the First International Castells Festival, held this weekend in London (by ACN)

20.06.16 - 14:29

First International Castells Festival a great success

Castellers, Catalan traditional human towers, were performed this weekend at different spots in London. The British capital hosted the First International Castells Festival with great success, both in terms of the quality of the towers which...

200,000 people attended the 15th edition of Primavera Sound Festival (by ACN)

06.06.16 - 14:26

Summer music festivals ready to kick off in Catalonia

Two days after the 15th edition of Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona closed its doors with a record 200,000 attendants, half of them international fans, Catalonia is getting ready for a vibrant summer of music...

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