• One of the books written by Gonzalo de Reparaz, now at the Catalan Institute of Cartography and Geology (by ACN)

    Gonzalo de Reparaz’ collection, back in Barcelona after being seized during Francoism

    The Catalan Government will guard geographer and journalist Gonzalo de Reparaz Rodríguez-Báez’ legacy, which was seized in 1939 and has been stored at the Spanish Civil War Archives since then. The Catalan Minister for Territory and Sustainability, Josep Rull, thanked Reparaz’s family for trusting the Catalan Government and praised their years of “judicial struggle” to recover the documents, and therefore part of its family’s history. Rull emphasized Reparaz’s contribution “to explaining the Catalan cause to Europe” and his “commitment to freedom and democracy”. Reparaz established himself in Barcelona in 1921 and came into contact with many representatives of Catalonia’s political and cultural life.


The exhibition 'Barcelona-València-Palma at CCCB'

27.05.10 - 03:36

Exhibition links the urban spaces of Barcelona, Valencia and Palma

The event aims to show the urban and human landscapes of all three cities
Catalan residents in Berlin participated in the Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen)

24.05.10 - 02:05

Catalan popular culture on show on the streets of Berlin

The Carnival of Cultures at Kreuzberg plays host to over 70 nations
Miñarro presented his new movie "Familystrip" on Tuesday in Barcelona

25.05.10 - 21:17

The gift that became a movie

In "Familystrip", Lluís Miñarro portrays his parent?s generation
Front of the Marché du Film (Film Market) at Cannes

23.05.10 - 02:30

Catalan producers negotiate projects at the Cannes International Film Festival

Fifty companies make deals on future films
Javier Bardem, Best Actor at the Festival de Cannes

25.05.10 - 15:39

Thai-Catalan co-production Palme d?Or 2010

Javier Bardem awarded prize for Best Actor for his role in ?Biutiful? filmed in Barcelona
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