Thursday, 04 May 2017

The Auditori Concert Hall embraces new music season with offers for everyone

ACN / Pau Cortina - Íngrid Gustems

Barcelona (ACN).- A new season of music is ready at the Auditori Concert Hall, in Barcelona for the 2017-18 season. Worldwide artists will perform at the Catalan home of classical music in a mix of multicultural performances from beloved soundtracks to concerts by famous orchestra directors as Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel. The 17/18 season will continue to promote the emerging artists but it will also include ancient music through an ambitious project: the ‘Jove Capella Reial de Catalunya’. This new ‘ensemble’ of young talents, led by the world-famous Catalan musician Jordi Savall, will offer a concert dedicated to the first great Catalan baroque composer, Joan Cererols.

The Auditori Concert Hall in Barcelona has announced the main highlights for 2017-2018 season. ‘L’Auditori’ will continue to promote the emerging artists but it will also include ancient music with this year’s ambitious project: the Jove Capella Reial de Catalunya (Young Royal Chapel of Catalonia). This new ‘ensemble’ of young talents, will offer a concert dedicated to the first great Catalan baroque composer, Joan Cererols and will be led by world-famous Catalan musician Jordi Savall,.

Gustavo Dudamel, once named the best orchestra director in the world, will also perform on stage with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in a concert which has already sold 80% of the tickets. The Venezuelan director will lead the musicians in a repertory that will include Mahler’s 10th Symphony and Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony on January 14th 2018.

An international season

The Auditori Concert Hall is going to embrace renamed artists from the entire world in 17/18 season. The pianists Daniil Trifonov and Lang Lang will visit Barcelona to perform different tributes: to Chopin (Trifonov) and to some of the best Iberic composers (Lang Lang). Pianist Yuja Wang will debut side by side with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

Another international collaboration joins together Catalonia and Austria with the debut at ‘L’Auditori’ of one of the best contemporary music orchestras in the world: the Klangforum of Vienna, which will interpret ‘In Vain’, considered one of the key works in this turn of the century. The Swedish clarinettist Martin Fröst, the Moldavian violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja or the Romanian cellist Andrei Ionita are other highlights of the season.

Catalan artists

The symphonic group Banda Municipal de Barcelona (Barcelona’s Municipal Band), will be the most prominent one this season: the director Johan de Meij will lead a tribute to Fellini and two other great American composers, Gershwin and Bernstein. Later, in March there will be the Trobada de Corals Joves de Catalunya (Young Choirs’ of Catalonia Meeting) and they will join 250 other voices to perform the John Rutter’s ‘Magnificat’.

The Catalan musician Jordi Savall will have an important role this season apart from the creation of the Young Royal Chapel of Catalonia: in the Ancient cycle, Savall will lead the ‘Evenings’ of Monteverdi in the 450 anniversaries of the composer and will also offer Bach’s ‘St. Mark passion’ and a special concert in ‘Le Concert des Nations’ at the Teatre Grec (Greek Theatre) of Barcelona.

Another important date in the Auditorium calendar will be the celebration of the 20 Anniversary of the Quartet Casals, in which the four Catalan musicians will fully play the Beethoven quartets in collaboration with musicians from London, Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm and Madrid. But one of the most extraordinary concerts will be the one dedicated to the John Williams’ Star Wars saga’s soundtrack.

Other projects

The Sampler Series will join the Escenes (Scenes) project in a collaboration between the dancer Albert Quesada and the composer Octavi Rumbau in a long-prepared show called ‘It’s time’. Regarding this last series, other invited artists are the choreographers Sònia Gómez and Laly Ayguadé, the group Astrio and traditional Catalan musicians as Pau Puig and Pere Gumbau. For jazz lovers, though, the Amplificats (Amplified) series will offer over twenty concerts in the called Jazz Sessions. 

  • jordi_savall_concert

  • Jordi Savall in a recent concert (by R. Segura)