• A bouquet of 'Freedom' red roses and white flowers on the foreground (by ACN)

    Florists forecast strong sales of roses during Sant Jordi weekend

    Catalonia’s patron saint, Sant Jordi, celebrates love and literature and joins together books and roses in one of Catalans' most beloved traditions. This year, the 23rd of April is on a Sunday and therefore wholesalers expect rose sales to flourish the whole weekend, starting on Friday and lasting until Monday. This will allow them to maintain the same sales levels as last year's and reach the figure of 6 million roses. ‘Freedom’ is expected to be the best-selling variety of rose, distributed in more ecological and original wrappings, reducing the use of cellophane. Although some customers may go away for the weekend, florists expect sales to be compensated by the number of visitors to the city, which will exceptionally open its shops on Sunday.

Life & Style

A caption of Airbnb's portal (by Airbnb / ACN)

15.07.15 - 21:29

Newer forms of tourist accommodations to be regulated under Catalan Government decree

The Catalan Government has presented a decree, pending approval "in the coming months," that will regulate up to eight types of tourist accommodations, including new types that until now were not contemplated by the law, like motorhome areas,...

Participants at the Barcelona Design Week's kick off event (by BDW / ACN)

09.06.15 - 21:57

Barcelona Design Week offers more than 70 activities for businesses, professionals and citizens

The 10th edition of Barcelona Design Week started Monday with a programme of more than 70 activities, under the slogan 'Design is here!' ('el Disseny és aquí'). The event is a call for companies, designers and other...

The Roca brothers in their restaurant in Girona on Tuesday morning (by ACN)

02.06.15 - 16:51

World’s Best Restaurant award goes to Girona’s El Celler de Can Roca once again

Catalan cuisine is continuing to gather top international distinctions and the restaurant run by the 3 Roca brothers, El Celler de Can Roca, is the flagship of this trend, following the path opened by Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli in the...

The cloister of Girona's Sant Daniel Monastery is hosting one of the 164 'Temps de Flors' exhibitions (by N. Guisasola)

11.05.15 - 23:00

Girona turns into Catalan Capital of spring as 60th edition of 'Temps de Flors' flower festival kicks off

The 60th edition of the 'Girona, Temps de Flors' flower festival kicked off on Saturday and will run until the 17th of May. For the event, around 1,000 students, volunteers, designers and florists have come together,...

Bonfires are common during the night

23.06.15 - 19:48

Sant Joan's Eve sets Barcelona ablaze with energy

Every year the sounds of fireworks popping and crackling perforate the air in Catalonia in the days leading up to Sant Joan's Eve (Nit de Sant Joan). The yearly festival culminates in a massive party on the night of 23 June, when locals celebrate...
The Catalan President, Artur Mas, with the acting Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, and the chef Ada Parellada

05.06.15 - 18:19

Catalonia promotes its cuisine at Expo Milano with its own stand

The Catalan President, Artur Mas, argued that having a separate stand for Catalonia is an “opportunity” to show to the world the country’s “own personality and identity”. This is the first time that Catalonia is not taking part in an...
The Allure of the Seas, on Tuesday in Barcelona (by E. Rosanas)

19.05.15 - 21:32

World's largest cruise ship begins operating from Barcelona, its base for the summer season

The 'Allure of the Seas' is going to be based in the Catalan capital for the entire summer season, from where it will start and end 25 trips. At 362 metres long, it is the world's largest cruise ship, and the equivalent to 4 football pitches....

The winners of the 2015 Mies van der Roher Award for EU Contemporary Architecture on Friday (by ACN)

09.05.15 - 12:35

Szczecin's Philharmonic Hall designed by two Barcelona-based architects wins EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture

The Mies van der Rohe Award is the Catalan capital-based European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, which is among the world's most prestigious awards in this field. It is named after the architect who designed the German Pavilion for...

Growing vegetables in Amalurra (by Amalurra Comunidad)

19.06.15 - 16:57

Eco-villages in Catalonia: the rise of new green models in times of crisis

An increasing number of people are fed up with living in concrete jungles. Many think of the countryside as a solution to problems such as stress, a low-paying job and pollution. Due to the start of the economic crisis, this phenomenon boomed,...

Girona's Cathedral, with its impressive stairs (by G. Ribugent)

03.06.15 - 21:51

'Game of Thrones' coming to Catalonia: Season 6 to be partly shot in Girona

American television network HBO has confirmed that season six of the popular television series 'Game of Thrones' will be partly shot in the historic city of Girona, located in north-eastern Catalonia. With its enchanting medieval city walls,...

Barcelona's Nova Icaria beach this Wednesday (by P. Solà)

13.05.15 - 21:04

Pre-summer mode engaged for Barcelona’s beaches as temperatures rise, but few dare to swim

On Wednesday morning, Barcelona’s beaches were well and truly in pre-summer mode, with hundreds of people sunbathing or playing in the sand, although few dared to swim as the water is still a bit cold. The temperature was almost 30...

Rosa Clarà's catwalk at the 2015 Barcelona Bridal Week (by BBW / ACN)

08.05.15 - 12:57

25th Barcelona Bridal Week focuses on internationalisation and has the US as guest country

Barcelona Bridal Week is both the most important convention of the bridal industry in Europe and an international benchmark. This year, the Catalan capital’s event opened its doors on Tuesday with its bridal dress catwalk, the Paserela...

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