Thursday, 24 November 2016

‘Lasarte’ becomes first restaurant in Barcelona with three Michelin stars


Girona (CNA). The Catalan capital has for the first time a restaurant awarded with three Michelin stars, one of the highest recognitions in the gastronomic world. Thus, ‘Lasarte’ joins the select group of those restaurants which have three ‘macarons’ in Catalonia, together with ‘El Celler de Can Roca’, located in Girona, and ‘Sant Pau’, by Carme Ruscalleda, in the coastal town of Sant Pol de Mar. “Gastronomy allows us to deliver happiness”, stated renowned Basque chef Martín Berasategui, who taught 'Lasarte' chef, Paolo Casagrande. Besides this, five new restaurants in Catalonia were awarded their first Michelin ‘star’, whereas the number of those outlets which hold two ‘macarons’ in Catalonia remains the same, on five. Thus, with this Wednesday night’s new recognitions, there are now 67 restaurants that have been awarded with Michelin stars in Catalonia.


Up until now, Catalonia had 50 restaurants which accounted for 60 Michelin stars; now this list has been enhanced with 7 new awards. This Wednesday night, the presentation of the Spain and Portugal Michelin Guide 2017 took place for the first time in Girona, 80 kilometres north of Barcelona, the same city which has seen the birth and rise of ‘El Celler de Can Roca’, which was named best restaurant in the world in 2013 and 2015. During the ceremony, one of the most important events on the world’s gastronomic calendar, 30 new prizes were awarded: 22 restaurants were awarded their first Michelin star, 7 were given their second star and only one restaurant obtained the highest recognition: ‘Lasarte’ obtained its third ‘macaron’. 

‘Lasarte’ achieves its third Michelin star

‘Lasarte’ is the only establishment throughout Spain and Portugal that joins the three 'macarons' select group. Furthermore, it also becomes the third Catalan restaurant to achieve three ‘stars’, along with ‘El Celler de Can Roca’ in Girona and ‘Sant Pau’ by Carme Ruscalleda in Sant Pol de Mar.

In fact, Martín Berasategui is the first chef to have two restaurants on the three-Michelin-stars podium: the restaurant that bears his name in Lasarte-Oria (Guipúscoa), and, now, ‘Lasarte’ in Barcelona. In addition, the Basque chef also has two stars for his restaurant ‘MB’ in Tenerife and, therefore, has a total of eight distinctions. “There is new blood in the Berasategui brand and they make myself great”, he stated. “Gastronomy allows us to deliver happiness”, he added.

The Michelin Gala also brought joy to six Catalan chefs. Among them Xavier Pellicer, who despite having invested only 18 months in his new restaurant ‘Céleri’ (Barcelona) has already achieved his first star. “We are very happy because they have recognised our commitment to vegetables”, he assessed. Vicent Guimerà, of the ‘L’Antic Molí’ in Ulldecona (southern Catalonia), was also very pleased because he adds a 'macaró’ to the award for ‘Best Chef of the Year’ he already won at the last Gastronomic Forum. “It's an award that recognises the good work and the products of the lands of the Ebro, as well as the commitment to 'slow food”, he said.

Five new restaurants in Catalonia awarded their first Michelin ‘star’

The Michelin Guide 2017 expands the constellation of Catalan restaurants who get a star for the first time: ‘Céleri’ and ‘Xerta’ in Barcelona, ‘Ca l'Arpa’ in Banyoles (which returns to the list), ‘Boscana de Bellvís’ (Pla d’Urgell) and ‘L’Antic Molí d’Ulldecona’ (Montsià, near the Ebro Delta). Catalan cuisine goes beyond Catalonia’s borders and the chef Sergi Arola also gets a 'Macaró' with his new restaurant ‘LAB’ in Sintra (Portugal). Arola closed last September the restaurant that bore his name in Madrid and had two Michelin stars.

Catalonia does not add any new members to the group of restaurants with two Michelin ‘stars’, but maintains its establishments with this recognition (with the exception of ‘Lasarte’, who has increased to three). This is the case for ‘Restaurant Miramar’ in Llançà (Alt Empordà), ‘Les Cols’ in Olot (a small town 100 kilometres north of Barcelona) and the Barcelona restaurants ‘ABaC’, ‘Enoteca’ and ‘Moments’.

In total, therefore, Catalan cuisine has added in this edition of the Guide seven new recognitions. The Michelin Guide 2017 distinguishes 203 restaurants, of which 166 received one star, 28 two stars and nine three stars.

  • Lasarte

  • 'Lasarte's chef Paolo Casagrande and his most influential teacher, chef Martin Berasategui, celebrating the restaurant's third Michelin star (by ACN)