• Mediterranean Railway Corridor

    The Mediterranean Railway Corridor is part of the FERRMED great axis. It would link by international-width standard rail Spain’s main ports on the Mediterranean Sea with Central and Northern Europe, connecting it with Northern Africa. In addition, it would link most of Spain’s largest industrial areas, responsible for most of the country's exports, with France and the rest of Europe. This infrastructure would transport freight but also passengers through a High Speed Train network. It would thus benefit the Spanish but also the entire European economies.

    In addition, the Mediterranean Railway Corridor would connect all of Spain’s Mediterranean coastal resorts and cities, which are one of the world’s main tourist destinations, with Central Europe and important airports and cruise ports. This infrastructural project would connect Spain's main harbours on the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar, such Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, Cartagena, Almería, Málaga and Algeciras, with Northern Europe. Freight could go non-stop from Gibraltar to Stockholm by train. The European Commission has to release the transport infrastructure priorities for the next years on mid-October. However, it is not certain the inclusion of the Mediterranean Railway Corridor within this list, despite the objective need and economic benefits for the entire European Union. The Spanish Government has not abandoned an old project that represents an alternative to the Mediterranean Corridor: the Central Corridor, which would go from Gibraltar to Madrid and then to France passing by Zaragoza. This last option is based on a centralist framework, which has dominated Spain's infrastructural planning, especially its rail network. The Mediterranean Coast has been marginalised, as all key railway were passing through Madrid. The Mediterranean Railway Corridor might represent the exception to these centralist logics, which is based on political criteria but not on economic ones.
Girona's provisional station (by M. López)

19.10.12 - 01:32

The high-speed train linking Barcelona and Girona to France to finally start running in April 2013

The Spanish public company in charge of building and maintaining railway infrastructures, Adif, has confirmed the awaited date. Adif will have all the work finished by the end of this year, including the overhead line set in the tunnels crossing...
Dock cranes at the container terminal in Barcelona's Port (by J.R. Torné)

28.09.12 - 14:12

The largest container terminal in southern Europe is officially unveiled in Barcelona Port

The Catalan capital hosts the largest and most modern container terminal of the Mediterranean Sea, a true gate for cargo ships, linking Europe with the Middle East, Northern Africa and Asia. BEST, which stands for Barcelona Europe South Terminal,...
The Energy Dock at Barcelona's Port (by Port de Barcelona)

27.04.12 - 23:58

Barcelona Port becomes the largest oil logistics platform in the Mediterranean

The Russian company Lukoil has reached an agreement with the Catalan company Meroil to build 13 new oil tanks at Barcelona Port, which are able to store 360,000 cubic metres. Furthermore, Barcelona Port is the only Mediterranean port ready to host...
The MEP Brian Simpson at his European Parliament's office (by A. Segura)

10.10.11 - 23:45

The European Parliament considers the Mediterranean Railway Corridor to be "absolutely imperative and crucial"

The Chairman of the EP’s Transport Committee, the British MEP Brian Simpson, has stated that building the Mediterranean Railway Corridor for freight and passengers is “absolutely imperative and crucial” for the European economy. On the...
Tarragona's petrochemical hub represents 7% of Catalonia's GDP (by N. Torres)

17.10.12 - 01:07

Tarragona’s chemical hub represents 25% of Spanish total

The chemical industries based in Tarragona, such as BASF, Dow Chemical and Repsol, expect their turnover to increase by 4% in 2012 compared to a year ago. In 2011, they exported 60% of their production, while in 2000 they were only exporting 30%...
TCB's facilities at Barcelona's Port (by J. Torné)

13.09.12 - 00:29

Catalan freight company TCB invests €60 million into the Port of Barcelona’s infrastructure

The Mayor of Barcelona welcomed the company’s investments and commitment to efficiency at the Port of Barcelona. The Catalan harbour is significantly increasing its container traffic in the last few years. Barcelona’s Port aims to become the...
The Spanish Transport Minister announced the Central Railway Corridor was once again a priority (by ACN)

17.02.12 - 00:16

Catalans shocked by decision to prioritise the Central Railway Corridor

The Spanish Minister for Public Works and Transport, Ana Pastor, announced she would prioritise the Central Railway Corridor, which would link the Gibraltar area with Madrid, Zaragoza, Toulouse and the rest of Europe through the Central Pyrenees....
The Mediterranean Railway Corridor will connect Central Europe with Barcelona and Valencia ports, industries and tourist centres

05.10.11 - 21:19

The European Commission would include the Mediterranean Railway Corridor as an EU transport priority

According to some MEPs, the international-width high-speed railway corridor for freight and passengers along Spain’s Mediterranean coast that connects ports, industrial centres and tourist resorts would be included in the next priority map of...
Works at the National 2 road (N2) in Girona have been abandoned for two years (by X. Pi)

04.10.12 - 13:47

Once again the Spanish Government will not honour investment obligations in Catalonia next year

As in the past, Catalonia will not receive the investment percentage it is legally entitled to by the current legislation. Instead of getting 19% of the foreseen investment in infrastructures made throughout Spain, in the Spanish Government’s...
BASF managers announcing the €40 million investment (by J. Molina)

07.06.12 - 14:00

BASF will invest 40 million this year in Catalonia

The multinational chemical company explains that they would invest more money if the Mediterranean Railway Corridor were already a reality. This infrastructure is being delayed by the Spanish Government and it would enable the transportation of...
European Commissioner for Transport Siim Kallas announcing the new EU transport core networks (by L. Pous)

19.10.11 - 22:59

Central Europe will be better connected by rail with Spain’s Mediterranean ports, industrial centres and tourist destinations

The European Commission has included the Mediterranean Railway Corridor for freight and passengers among the next EU transport priorities. The EU might pay between 10% and 20% of the construction costs if it is finished before 2030. The ports of...
From left to right, the presidents from Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands (by A. Segura)

22.09.11 - 00:06

Political leaders and business people from Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, and Balearic Islands push the EU for the Mediterranean Railway Corridor

The Catalan President Artur Mas has asked the European Union “not to forget about a land that feels European and needs deeper and closer ties with Europe” in the ‘FERRMED Trans-European Cluster Conference’ in Brussels. Previously he has...
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