• New Catalan emigration

    On November 20th, Spanish citizens will elect the new members of the Spanish Parliament, which will then elect the new Prime Minister. In this special dossier we compile the most related news.

Antonio Álvarez in front of the hotel he manages, Buenos Aires' Park Hyatt (by J. Biosca)

18.04.11 - 23:15

From Barcelona to the most luxurious hotel in Buenos Aires

Catalan Antonio Àlvarez runs the Park Hyatt Hotel in Buenos Aires, the most important and luxurious hotel in the Argentinian capital. He is an example of a new emigration phenomenon.
Víctor Pérez (left), with one of his class mates (by R. Correa)

21.01.11 - 22:19

From Sant Cugat to one of Europe’s most prestigious dance schools

Catalan Víctor Perez is only 18 years old but he currently resides in Belgium where he is training to become a professional dancer. A student at one of the most prestigious dance schools in Europe run by the international renowned choreographer...
A guide of CultourBerlin (by CultourBerlin)

19.01.11 - 00:07

Tourism in the 'low cost' capital

Two Catalans opened a guided tour business in Berlin making the most of the economic crisis and the fact that the city was ‘fashionable’. They set up ‘Cultourberlin’, a project that would offer Spanish and Catalan tourists guided tours of Berlin
Juan Ferrando is the personal trainer of Cesc Fàbregas at the Arsenal (by L. Pous)

08.03.11 - 15:19

Cesc Fàbregas' personal trainer: "If I had stayed in Catalonia, I'd be working for a Second or Third Division club."

Catalan Juan Ferrando is the personal trainer of the Arsenal’s captain. Ferrando is training up some of the best football players in the English league. He left Catalonia looking for greater working experiences.
Xavier Casadevall in his lab (by L. Pous)

20.01.11 - 22:24

Talented scientific experts: Catalonia's 21st century diaspora

Numerous talented Catalan researchers are pioneering new research in a prestigious British university but they still cannot find a job in Catalonia.
Jordi Pimas (right) working in his studio with his two partners (by J. Font)

17.01.11 - 22:49

From Barcelona to Paris to build shopping centres in China

A young Catalan architect with no employment opportunities at home opens an office in Paris to work on buildings in Asia.
The Arts University in Berlin (by N. Pérez)

02.03.11 - 22:13

Germany offers a haven to Catalan musician

Maria Busqué decided to move to Berlin so that she could live off a musician's income, something she found almost impossible in Catalonia. This is a story from the new Catalan emigration.
Guille López working in the New York office of a Swedish design company (by A. Matamoros)

19.01.11 - 22:45

Living the American dream, when Catalonia seems to small

"Although there is a very high standard in Barcelona, the clients are not the same”, this is the opinion of a Catalan web developer who is currently based in Manhattan. This is his story.