• "Unacceptable" says Catalan President about Spain’s use of favors to force international opposition

    Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, responded angrily to the confirmation from former Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García Margallo that the Spanish Government had pressured other governments to give statements against Catalonia’s pro-independence process. “It’s unacceptable,” he said and called for Margallo to explain which commitments he made, under whose authority and “what favors Spain owes” in exchange for these position statements. According to Puigdemont, Margallo’s confession proves the Catalan Government’s claims that the Spanish State “is doing everything in its power” so that Catalan representatives “are not received, listened to, or taken into account”. “I hope that the Spanish political system is democratically mature enough to demand an explanation from Mr. Margallo in Parliamentary session,” he added.


Viviane Reding personally engages in finding a replacement for a Catalan translator in the EC.

16.06.10 - 15:35

European Commission agrees to keep Catalan translator

The pressure of Catalan Euro MPs has worked out. The European Commission has changed its initial position to not renew its only Catalan translator. Commissioner Reding has personally engaged in finding a replacement.
Photo of President Montilla warns of danger of brush fires this summer

07.06.10 - 03:58

President Montilla warns of danger of brush fires this summer

In a day focused on environmental acts, Catalan President asked forest defence associations to be on their guard this summer. Montilla also inaugurated a cycling park that links four important towns in Baix Llobregat, next to Barcelona.
The President of the Catalan government, José Montilla, at the Senate

24.05.10 - 19:57

President Montilla appears before Senate to ask for Constitutional Court reforms

Head of Catalan Government demands ?respect? for Catalonia and warns of rupture with Spain
A High Speed Train railway of recent construction

15.06.10 - 17:24

EU and Spanish Government prioritise the Mediterranean railway connection

The high speed and capacity railway connection for freight and passengers connecting Spain with France will run along the Mediterranean shore. The option of going via Zaragoza through the middle of the Pyrenees clashes with the economic crisis.
Xavier Trias in his proclamation as a candidate

06.06.10 - 06:41

Xavier Trias to run for Mayor of Barcelona in 2011

The Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Party (CiU) trusts its same candidate to run for Mayor of Barcelona in the elections scheduled for the spring of 2011. Recent polls confirm Xavier Trias? hopes to win in his third attempt.
Constitutional Court in Madrid

22.05.10 - 23:16

62 opinion leaders call for dignified solution to Statute of Autonomy

The text urges to choose between renouncing Catalan claims or renouncing the Spanish Constitution
The demonstration in Tarragona

09.06.10 - 01:34

Public administration goes on strike

Government and unions clash over success of strike action. Official figures suggest 11% of participation while unions raise the figure up to 75%. The salary cuts within the public sector adopted by the Spanish Government have infuriated the unions.
The Catalan Parliament

27.05.10 - 03:47

Catalan Parliament to declare the Spanish Constitutional Court incompetent

Parliament President considers waiting time on Catalan Statute for Autonomy to be unbearable
Photo of Euro-Mediterranean Summit in Barcelona postponed until November

21.05.10 - 16:11

Euro-Mediterranean Summit in Barcelona postponed until November

Delay aims to provide more scope for action on talks between Arabs and Palestinians
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