• The CSQP spokesperson, Joan Coscubiela, in Parliament (by Bernat Vilaró)

    Left-wing coalition CSQP agrees to internationally endorsed unilateral referendum

    CSQP (Catalonia Yes We Can), a left-wing coalition in favor of holding a referendum but not necessarily independence, says it will support a unilateral referendum if it has international guarantees. CSQP’s spokesperson, Joan Coscubiela, said that the Venice Commission, the Council of Europe's institution in charge of these kind of processes, has to endorse the referendum before his party can support it. Governing cross-party pro-independence coalition Junts Pel Sí celebrated this stance, saying the group “has taken a step forward” by joining those that consider the celebration of a referendum in Catalonia even if it is “without Spain’s permission”.


The article in 'The Economist' about the ban on bullfighting

06.08.10 - 23:33

Top Catalan intellectuals criticise 'inaccurate, offensive' article about bullfighting in The Economist

A group of 28 academics, writers and journalists from Catalonia consider 'tendentious' the British journal?s treatment of the Catalan Parliament's decision to ban bullfighting
Protesters agains bullfighting, this morning in front of the Catalan Parliament

28.07.10 - 17:48

Bullfighting is banned in Catalonia

The Catalan Parliament has finally approved the bullfighting ban in Catalonia. This morning, an absolute majority of 68 votes has modified the previous Animal Protection Law and banned bullfighting from 2012 on.
A girl with Kosovo's flag

24.07.10 - 00:35

Catalan nationalist parties react to the international recognition of Kosovo's independence

Despite the International Court of Justice's decision, the Spanish Government decided not to recognise Kosovo as an independent state. Both the Spanish Government and Catalan nationalists see implicit parallelisms in both cases, although Madrid...
Oriol Junqueras, the Catalan MEP who has received the letters from the President of the European Parliament, the European Counci

20.07.10 - 16:11

EU institutions accuse Spain of breaking the agreement on the use of the Catalan language

The European Parliament, Council and Ombudsman have accused the Spanish Government of not translating legal texts and citizens? communications into and from Catalan. A binding agreement was signed in 2006 obliging Spain to pay for the translations.
Catalan flags and banners in favour of the Catalan nation

05.08.10 - 23:45

More Spaniards want a centralist state while more Catalans advocate for independence

Recent polls and the massive demonstration in Barcelona on 10 July suggest a widening gap between citizens in Spain and Catalonia since the cuts in the Statute
Miquel Valls (left) and Jordi Williams Carnes (right) during today's presentation

27.07.10 - 01:12

President of Barcelona businesses ?worried? by the delay of the train connection to Barcelona airport?s new terminal

Last week the Spanish Government announced the delay or cancellation of several transport infrastructures? public works in Catalonia. One of them was the train connection to the main terminal of Barcelona?s airport, which now centralises almost...
Spanish Minister for Public Works, José Blanco, today at the Spanish Parliament where he announced the measures of the budg

23.07.10 - 01:14

Spanish Government delays arrival of train to Barcelona Airport?s new terminal

Arguing budgetary reasons, the Spanish Ministry of Public Works has decided to delay the arrival of the railroad to the T1 Terminal by an entire year. It was announced today that Catalonia has become the Autonomous Community most affected by...
Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (r) and Catalan Vice President Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira

20.07.10 - 00:49

Prince of Jordan claims water and energy for Gaza Strip at the World Congress for Middle East Studies

The most important conference on Middle East studies is being held close to Barcelona from today until the 24th of July. In the opening ceremony, Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, uncle of King Abdullah, has denounced the current situation in Gaza
Catalan President José Montilla and Spanish minister Manuel Chaves

05.08.10 - 00:17

Relations between Catalonia and Spain can be repaired after cuts in the Statute, say politicians

Catalan President José Montilla and Spanish minister Manuel Chaves meet to demonstrate their will to cooperate in the development of the original Statute
Israel's Ambassador to Spain, Raphael Schultz

24.07.10 - 02:01

Israel: "The Union for the Mediterranean should not be another useless forum politicised against Israel"

The Israeli Ambassador to Spain, Raphael Schultz, spoke of Israel?s position on the Union for the Mediterranean in an interview with CNA. He stressed that ?we need the Union for the Mediterranean, but with the negative attitudes from Arab...
Spanish PM, Zapatero (left) and Catalan President, Montilla (right) at the entrance of La Moncloa Palace

22.07.10 - 01:06

Montilla asks Zapatero for an ?attitude change? regarding Catalonia?s autonomy

After the controversial Constitutional Court?s sentence on Catalonia?s autonomy, the Catalan President met the Spanish PM to discuss the resulting scenario. Yesterday, the Catalan parties in the Spanish Parliament failed to pass a motion on the...
Welsh MP Hywel Williams

15.07.10 - 17:11

UK Parliament MP presents motion recognising Catalonia as a nation

The proposal expresses MP's concerns that Catalan democratic will has been over-ruled by the Spanish Constitutional Court and says that Catalonia should have the right to decide its own future.
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