• Bernhard von Grünberg (by Helle Kettner)

    Longtime German MP urges Europe to intervene in the Catalan question

    “It is absurd to take pro-independence politicians to court, because it only fuels support for independence. It looks like the State wants the conflict,” said German politician Bernhard Von Grünberg incredulously in an interview with the CNA. Von Grünberg advocates Europe’s role in the resolution of the stalemate between Catalonia and Spain, a state, which according to him, is getting closer and closer to an authoritarian system. “As European democrats we cannot look the other way with the excuse that we already have enough conflicts, and just watch while Spain reverts to an authoritarian system,” said the German Socialist, who has been MP in the Land of North Rhine Westphalia for 12 years and was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic. “We need a more democratic Europe,” Von Grünberg determined. He takes the stance that the lack of historical memory in Spain is one of the reasons for the current political deadlock. Von Grünberg is also president of the rental law association of his land (German federal district). He supports the local rental law association in Barcelona to help create a more attractive legal framework for rental housing in Spain in order to promote more equal social and economic growth in Europe. On Wednesday, June 28, he will receive an award from APPEC, the Association of Catalan Periodicals, in Barcelona for his social and political involvement.


Antoni Castellà, Jordi Cuminal and Xavier Crespo (by ACN)

05.01.11 - 18:43

A Social media expert is the new director for the governments’ Communication Strategy

Jordi Cuminal will have the task of communicating the government's activities to Catalan citizens. Communications is one of the most challenging departments, and was a serious test for his predecessor
Francesc Homs: Artur Mas' right hand in the Government (by P. Mateos)

31.12.10 - 15:16

Francesc Homs: from the party’s ‘bone’ to the Government’s ‘bone’

Francesc Homs is Artur Mas’ right-hand man in the CiU leadership and the director of the last elections’ programme. Homs is the CiU’s policy developer and now he will coordinate the new Catalan Government. Homs will continue being Mas’...
Josep Lluís Cleries arriving this morning at the Ministry's headquarters (by B. Cazorla)

30.12.10 - 23:24

Josep Lluís Cleries: from managing scouts and volunteers to Social Welfare and Family policies

The new Catalan Minister for Social Welfare and Family was the CiU’s representative in the Catalan Parliament for this portfolio for the seven years in which the CiU was in the opposition. He comes from the scout and volunteering world, in which...
Josep Maria Pelegrí, in his new office (by B. Cels)

30.12.10 - 22:38

Josep Maria Pelegrí: the Secretary General of the Christian Democrats now in charge of Agriculture, Fishing and Biodiversity

Pelegrí has already been a Minister of the Catalan Government, but for Public Administration (2002-2003). Now, Pelegrí becomes the new Catalan Minister for Agriculture, Stockbreeding, Fishing and Environment. In his early years in politics, in...
Catalan President, Artur Mas (by ACN)

04.01.11 - 19:47

Masterplan to reduce the size of the government

Artur Mas, the newly elected Catalan president has a new plan up his sleeve. He will cut 23% of the high-ranking positions and reduce the number of political advisers. Public organisations and quangos will also be affected by this austerity...
Germà Gordó: the new Government Secretary (by CiU)

31.12.10 - 15:02

Germà Gordó: the right-hand man in the shadow

The new Secretary of the Government was the party’s CFO and one of Artur Mas’ most trusted collaborators. As his duties were internal, Gordó was not a well-known figure. However, his role in the party was essential, as it will in the new...
Irene Rigau during a press conference in the Catalan Parliament (by P. Francesch)

30.12.10 - 23:00

Irene Rigau: a veteran politician and teacher in charge of Education

The new Catalan Minister for Education was the CiU’s manager of this portfolio for seven years, while the party was not in power. She has experience, both as a primary school and university teacher. Over the last 30 years, she has held several...
Francesc Xavier Mena taking his new office (by D. Alonso)

29.12.10 - 23:23

Francesc Xavier Mena: ESADE professor now driving Catalan Businesses & Employment

The new Minister for Business and Employment is an independent, expert in Managerial Economics and austerity measures. He was the Director of ESADE Business School’s Economics Department (1992-2000), where he was teaching until now. He has a PhD...
Carole Pujol is the granddaughter of exiled Republicans (by J.Font)

03.01.11 - 20:23

Descendants of exiled republicans of the Civil War recover their own past

Up to 1.000 French have applied for dual citizenship in a move to 'honour' their relatives, who suffered the consequences of the war and were sent into exile
Boi Ruiz, this morning in his new office (by O. Burgada)

30.12.10 - 23:40

Boi Ruiz: from directing the private health sector to managing the Health Ministry

The new Catalan Minister for Health comes from the private sector and he is an independent. As the Chair of the Catalan Union of Hospitals, the health business-owners association, he proposed to pay for some service in public hospitals. His main...
Ferran Mascarell in his new office (by E. Rosanas)

30.12.10 - 22:51

Ferran Mascarell: Socialist returns to the Ministry he headed 4 years ago

Artur Mas hired one of his former political adversaries for the top position at the Ministry of Culture. Ferran Mascarell also held this position in 2006, in the left-wing government coalition. Now, he comes back with a centre-right executive....
An eletoral image of Lluís Recoder (by CiU)

29.12.10 - 23:18

Lluís Recoder, CiU’s top mayor, now in charge of Infrastructure, Transport and Housing

The new Catalan Minister for Territory and Sustainability was the former Mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès, a middle-to-upper class residential city next to Barcelona. Recoder represents the most social-democratic and least identity-centred...
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