• Unilateral referendum is a “reasonable option” considering Spain’s attitude, say Swiss deputies

    Two of the members of the Swiss Parliament delegation who visited Barcelona last week understand that Catalonia will organize a unilateral referendum if the Spanish state continues in its opposition. The Swiss parliamentarians, Socialist Mathias Reynard and Christian-Democrat Yannick Buttet warn that the Spanish Government’s rejection of dialogue pushes Catalonia towards a unilateral independence referendum and that it is “reasonable” for the pro-independence parliamentary majority to fulfill its democratic mandate. “I am not saying that it is the best solution, but I understand the Catalan Government’s stance,” said Reynard. “What will be essential from a foreign point of view, is participation. We need to know how many Catalans vote, if the referendum is organized in a unilateral way,” added Buttet.


The President of the Catalan government, José Montilla, at the Senate

24.05.10 - 19:57

President Montilla appears before Senate to ask for Constitutional Court reforms

Head of Catalan Government demands ?respect? for Catalonia and warns of rupture with Spain
Constitutional Court in Madrid

22.05.10 - 23:16

62 opinion leaders call for dignified solution to Statute of Autonomy

The text urges to choose between renouncing Catalan claims or renouncing the Spanish Constitution
Photo of Euro-Mediterranean Summit in Barcelona postponed until November

21.05.10 - 16:11

Euro-Mediterranean Summit in Barcelona postponed until November

Delay aims to provide more scope for action on talks between Arabs and Palestinians
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