• ICO's oncologist, Doctor Joaquim Bosch (by ACN)

    Catalans abroad get access to health services in Catalonia

    Catalans living abroad will have access to medical care through a new medical card whenever they travel home. Such was the agreement reached this Monday between Catalonia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Raül Romeva, the Health Department, the Department for Labour and Social Affairs, and the Department for Culture. This new medical card will be valid for two months and could be extended with proper justification. Those eligible for the card must apply for it and then activate it while in Catalonia, either by calling 061 or going to their corresponding health clinic. The agreement will also allow Catalans living abroad to access services related to the culture and youth services. Catalonia’s Minister for Health, Toni Comín, explained that this agreement covers what the law for universal access to health care will guarantee once it is passed by the Parliament.

Society & Science

Police controls at Pertús, close to Catalonia's French border (by ACN)

15.07.16 - 18:35

Catalan Police to reinforce anti-terrorist controls after Nice attack

Catalonia will keep the terrorist threat level at 4 out of 5 but extra security measures will be put in place. Thus, ‘Mossos d’Esquadra’ will dedicate 30% of their resources to fighting terrorist threats, as they are currently...

Spanish Police carrying out a search as part of the 'Operation Variola' against money laundering (by ACN)

12.07.16 - 19:01

11 arrested in Barcelona and Costa Brava for allegedly laundering 10m EUR

The Catalan Police Force ‘Mossos d’Esquadra’, together with the Spanish Police arrested 11 people this Tuesday during an operation against money laundering in Barcelona and the Costa Brava. According to the public...

Passengers queuing in front of Vueling customers' service, at Barcelona El Prat airport (by ACN) t

06.07.16 - 19:53

Vueling President admits "having failed" to solve the company chaos of the last weeks

“We have been really focused on trying to solve it but I must admit we have failed”, stated Vueling President, Javier Sánchez-Prieto, in an interview published this Wednesday by Catalan newspaper ‘Ara’....

A woman and a man with a little girl in a refugee camp (by ACN)

10.06.16 - 10:27

Caravan transformed into a dental clinic to help refugees

‘Amb les teves mans’ (‘With your hands’) is a Catalan NGO which has cre-ated a mobile dental clinic to attend refugees in Greece. The idea was born in March when some of the volunteers from this organisation trav-elled to Lesbos and...
Image of an appearance of Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont (ACN)

15.07.16 - 12:08

Puigdemont on Nice terrorist attack: “France’s mourning is also Catalonia’s”

The terrorist attack which killed 84 people on Thursday night in the French coastal city of Nice, while thousands were celebrating Bastille Day on the streets, has been responded to with international condolences. “Today we want to add...

Pro-independence supporters demonstrating in front of a police station displaying the Spanish flag (by ACN)

12.07.16 - 14:42

Police report confirms existence of ‘Operation Catalonia’ during Spanish Government’s last term of office

An operation to discredit politicians who supported Catalonia’s pro-independence process was launched by the Spanish police during the last term of office. This is what Catalan newspaper ‘El...

European Medicines Agency's headquarters, in London (by ACN)

30.06.16 - 18:46

Catalonia offers to house European Medicines Agency

The Catalan Government will offer to host the European Medicines Agency’s headquarters, which is currently in London. The body, which is responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of medicines developed...

Catalan researchers discover that green tea improves intellectual ability in people with Down syndrome (by ACN)

09.06.16 - 19:31

Catalan researchers discover that green tea improves intellectual ability in people with Down syndrome

A compound in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate, along with a protocol of cognitive stimulation, improves the intellectual ability of people with Down syndrome. Additionally, this compound may actually modify excitability, and functional...
Catalan MEPs and members of the Platform for the Defence of the Ebro Delta (PDE) at the European Parliament (by ACN)

13.07.16 - 20:00

European Parliament urges Spain to stop Ebro basin plan after MEP assessment on the ground

The European Parliament (EP) approved this Wednesday the assessment presented by a delegation of MEPs who visited the Ebro Delta on the 8th of February. In their report, the MEPs focused on the “lack of ecological...

Police van entering the Immigration Detention Centre (CIE), in Barcelona (by ACN)

07.07.16 - 18:55

Barcelona closes the Immigrant Detention Centre, but Spain immediately orders its reopening

Barcelona’s City Hall has found a legal stratagem for not reopening the Immigrant Detention Centre (CIE), which closed in October for renovation works. The CIE, located in Barcelona’s industrial ‘Zona Franca’ area,...

The excavation site 'Barranc de la Boella'  where a set of 50 flint tools dated between 800.000 and a million years old (by ACN)

13.06.16 - 17:26

Tools that may be a million years old discovered near Tarragona

50 extremely old flint tools have been unearthed at an archaeological campaign near Tarragona, a city 80 kilometres south of Barcelona. The tools are thought to be between 800,000 and a million years old, according to a report issued by the...

Man about to repair a clock (by ACN)

03.06.16 - 19:29

Catalonia is working on timetable reform

The Timetable Reform Initiative is a Catalan organisation created to achieve more reasonable working hours and greater reconciliation between work and family. Last year, a Catalan...

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