• David Alegret during the opera performance in prison (by ACN)

    Pioneer project puts opera in prison

    The prestigious Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house and the Catalan government began a new joint opera project with Barcelona’s Quatre Camins prison this month. Two opera singers performed such well-known pieces as ‘The Barber of Seville’ and 'Romeo and Juliet” in front of 300 inmates on Thursday. Several workshops in the lead-up to the concert helped to create an open atmosphere of integration among the prisoners, forging connections between the prison workers and the inmates. The aim of this pioneer project is to bring culture to all social sectors and groups, especially those with difficult access to it, while providing inmates with positive life experiences.

Society & Science

A researcher from UAB

08.07.10 - 23:55

The 1st research centre on food technology in Africa created with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona's collaboration

The UAB and Angola?s Universidade José Eduardo dos Santos have reached an agreement to build the first research and technological centre of the African continent focused on the agri-food sector, which aims to foster the Angolan and Sub-Saharan...
The public institution Biocat for research in biotechnology, iin an international event in Chicago

06.07.10 - 23:40

Catalonia a leader in Research and Development programmes

Six out of every ten European scholarships for R+D programmes assigned to the Spanish state are allocated in Catalonia, who leads investigation in the field.
Miquel Caminal and Paul Preston, during the conference

02.07.10 - 20:47

Catalan Historic Memory policy is "exemplary", says historian Paul Preston

The Catalan Observatory of the London School of Economics hosts a joint conference with the Memorial Democràtic de Catalunya (Democracy Fighters? Memorial) about the victims of the civil war and the Franco dictatorship.
Catalan Parliament today, during the Government's control session

01.07.10 - 00:44

Catalan Parliament unanimously decides to integrate 60,000 people who were excluded from the health system

A new law has just been approved that would give 60,000 people access to health care that previously did not have it. The majority of these individuals are liberal professionals who do not pay social security, members of religious groups, and...
Ignasi Vila, manager of WorldSensing, shows the device

07.07.10 - 21:28

New parking gadget to find available spaces in the works

A group of investigators at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) have created a device that sends information about the nearest available parking space through the Internet.
The AP-7 highway in the Northern Barcelona Metropolitan Area

06.07.10 - 01:03

Greater security in highway rest areas around Barcelona

This summer, cameras and patrolling guards will be emplaced in rest areas of the Barcelona metropolitan region?s highways to prevent robberies.
The priest reads his homily during the funeral for the 12 victims of the train accident

01.07.10 - 14:57

Hundreds say last goodbye to the 12 victims hit by train

Hundreds of people have gathered for the funeral of the 12 victims of the train accident in Castelldefels in a service that has become a massive tribute to interculturality.
Catalan Minister for Justice, Montserrat Tura quitting the Institute of Legal Medicine of Catalonia

28.06.10 - 22:11

The investigation clarifies number of casualties in Castelldefels? train accident

12 people officially died when a high-speed train ran into a group of people crossing over the rail tracks. Due to the magnitude of the catastrophe and the state of the bodily remains, the thorough and resourceful identification has needed about 3...
The group of students from the University of Girona who placed first in the European Robotic Submarine Competition.

07.07.10 - 15:47

A group at the University of Girona wins the European competition of robotic submarines

A student group at the University of Girona has placed first in a European wide competition of robotic submarines. The robotic submarine they built has various capacities, including being able to pass through doors and follow walls.
Catalan Minister fro Education, Ernest Maragall and Francophone Community's Minister for Education, Marie-Dominique Simonet sign

03.07.10 - 00:30

Belgium?s Francophone community signs a vocational education agreement with Catalonia

Catalonia has begun an initiative with Belgium?s Francophone part to make studying abroad applied technologies easier. The agreement is similar to that of Erasmus, and is designed to aid in student?s vocational education and training.
Catalan Minister for Culture and Media, Joan Manuel Tresserras, today at the Catalan Parliament

01.07.10 - 01:36

Catalan Government gives free newspaper subscriptions to 18-year-olds

The initiative aims to promote daily news reading and citizen?s knowledge for future generations. Teenagers can subscribe to the newspaper of their choice for an entire year. The free subscription program has increased by 25% in its third year,...
A local ranger examines the conditions of forests in Les Gavarres.

28.06.10 - 18:09

Catalonia prepares for a difficult summer as risk of forest fires rises

The March snowfall and a rainy spring have brought high-risk to forests throughout Catalonia. Both rural and metropolitan citizens are taking extra steps to prevent summer forest fires.
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