• The Foreign Affairs Minister of Catalonia, Raül Romeva, during an event for the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War (by Marta Lluvich)

    UN critical about Spain’s inactivity on historical memory, sees progress in Catalonia

    The upcoming report from the UN Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances reaffirms the lack of progress in Spain when it comes to historical memory, justice, search and identification of Spanish Civil war and Francoist dictatorship victims. The text, which is to be approved at the next group meeting between May 8 and May 17 in Geneva and officially published in September, confirms that a vast majority of the United Nations’ demands presented to Spain in 2013 “are still pending”. “Regretfully, there have not been any changes,” said the head of the mission to Spain, Ariel Dulitzky, in an interview with CNA. Indeed, the only improvements the UN experts have observed are at the regional level. “In Catalonia we have already seen some advancements, which have continued after our visit. When taking into account the Spanish government’s inactivity, the initiatives at an autonomic level are even more relevant,” underlined Dulitzky in the interview with the Catalan News Agency. Over the last several months, the Generalitat has launched a program of identification and opening of mass graves, and another program on genetic identification of the remains, aimed at helping families find their loved ones.

Society & Science

Photo of Barcelona ?rebels against tourist invasion? says a British newspaper

14.06.10 - 18:09

Barcelona ?rebels against tourist invasion? says a British newspaper

A local movement complaining about the large numbers of tourists that visit Barcelona has found an original way of expressing its ideas. A graffiti on the pavement segregates tourists and local has reported 'The Observer' newspaper.
Hospital Clínic is now allowed to expand cell therapy.

08.06.10 - 02:37

Barcelona receives European green light for cell therapy treatment

Hospital Clinic will be the first Catalan medical centre to provide cells for clinical use to fight some pathologies. The hospital has received the European certificate allowing such practices.
President Montilla talks to a Muslim student.

03.06.10 - 04:18

Catalan schools integrate newcomers

President Montilla visited a new centre for foreign children?s´ educational integration. These centres are the first step for integration when a student coming from abroad joins a school in Catalonia.
One of the participating 'tapas' of the competition.

27.05.10 - 20:36

Barcelona unveils new tapas route around the city

Restaurant industry association fights crisis with tapas + beer formula
The PRACE has been constituted last Wednesday in Barcelona

11.06.10 - 19:55

Advanced computing project launched in Barcelona

The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) aims to reinforce European leadership in the field. This EU network will be a key asset in European R&D. Catalonia will update its Mare Nostrum supercomputer to remain a PRACE?s key node.
Vehicles stopped due to the demonstration

07.06.10 - 03:57

Protest against nuclear cemetery in Tarragona

Four hundred people block a road to oppose the nuclear warehouse at Ascó. The village has posted its candidature to host this controversial equipment, which will store all the nuclear waste produced in Spain in the last years and in the next decade.
Sant Feliu de Guíxols beach has obtained the blue flag label

03.06.10 - 01:56

Clean Catalan beaches awarded 85 blue flags

Catalan coast maintains high levels of quality according to the Foundation for Environmental Education, which each year recognise the cleanness, safety and equipment of beaches and harbours.
One of the electric cars that participate in the Solar Rally Phebus 2010, at the photovoltaic parking of Caldes d'Estrac.

20.05.10 - 22:31

European Solar Rally 2010 kick starts in Catalan coastal town

Caldes d?Estrac hosts event to promote electric vehicles
A menu from a restaurant in downtown Barcelona

10.06.10 - 05:16

Catalan government creates digital database for restaurant managers

Site contains online dictionary with over 7,000 names of Catalan dishes in four languages
Celler Espelt director

03.06.10 - 12:29

Will wine age under the sea?

An experimental project aims to discover how wine bottles mature at the bottom of the sea, where temperature changes are minor and light is filtered. A winery from the Costa Brava has come with the first positive results.
Mayor of Lleida, Àngel Ros, discussing the motion

29.05.10 - 21:56

Lleida City Council bans burqa in municipal buildings

Lleida becomes the first city in Spain to prohibit full-face veils
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