• ICO's oncologist, Doctor Joaquim Bosch (by ACN)

    Catalans abroad get access to health services in Catalonia

    Catalans living abroad will have access to medical care through a new medical card whenever they travel home. Such was the agreement reached this Monday between Catalonia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Raül Romeva, the Health Department, the Department for Labour and Social Affairs, and the Department for Culture. This new medical card will be valid for two months and could be extended with proper justification. Those eligible for the card must apply for it and then activate it while in Catalonia, either by calling 061 or going to their corresponding health clinic. The agreement will also allow Catalans living abroad to access services related to the culture and youth services. Catalonia’s Minister for Health, Toni Comín, explained that this agreement covers what the law for universal access to health care will guarantee once it is passed by the Parliament.

Society & Science

One of the participating 'tapas' of the competition.

27.05.10 - 20:36

Barcelona unveils new tapas route around the city

Restaurant industry association fights crisis with tapas + beer formula
One of the electric cars that participate in the Solar Rally Phebus 2010, at the photovoltaic parking of Caldes d'Estrac.

20.05.10 - 22:31

European Solar Rally 2010 kick starts in Catalan coastal town

Caldes d?Estrac hosts event to promote electric vehicles
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