Sunday, 26 June 2016

26-J: 46.2% voted in Catalonia by 18.00 (CET), 10 points less than in last Spanish Elections


Barcelona (CNA).- The Spanish Elections have aroused less interest in Catalonia than those in December 2015, at least by 18.00 (CET) when the participation rate in Catalonia was 46.2%, 10 points less than at the same hour on the day of the last General Elections. Indeed, Catalonia is In the whole of Spain, 50.57% of the electorate have already cast their vote, a figure which is also lower than in 2015 (58.3%). The polling stations opened at 9.00 (CET) and the citizens will be able to cast their vote until 20.00 (CET).

These are the lowest participation rates in both Catalonia and the whole of Spain since 2004. Probably the fact of being Bank Holiday in Catalonia and the consequent traffic jams explain this decline. The fact of having voted about six months ago may have also discouraged the electorate, who felt disappointed with the Spanish parties’ lack of agreement to form government. 

Madrid is the second Autonomous Community with the biggest decline in the participation rate.

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  • Man casting his vote at a polling station (by ACN)