Monday, 27 June 2016

‘En Comú Podem’ see themselves in the opposition and dismiss third elections in Spain


Barcelona (CNA).- The Spanish Elections’ results in the whole of Spain, where the Conservative People’s Party came first and obtained 135 MPs in the 350-seat Spanish Parliament, will probably force the parties to reach agreements in order to form government. ‘En Comú Podem’, the alternative left alliance which won the Spanish Elections in Catalonia aims to be in the opposition and doubted whether Spain could form a “government of change” between the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and Alternative left ‘Podemos’. ‘En Comú Podem’s leader, Xavier Domènech has commented that the other required parties, pro-independence left-wing ERC, Liberal Convergència and the Basque Nationalist Party, PNB, “don’t look willing to get involved” and ultimately join this alliance. Domènech also lamented ERC’s “paternal tone” when inviting them to join the pro-independence project and emphasised that the alternative left alliance “has won the elections in Catalonia twice”.

An alternative alliance to throw out PP and current Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy is not likely to happen, according to ‘En Comú Podem’. An alliance between PSOE, which obtained 85 MPs, and alternative left coalition ‘Unidos Podemos’, which got 71 seats, would require the support of the nationalist parties in the Spanish Parliament, left wing pro-independence ERC, liberal Convergència and the Basque Nationalist Party, PNB. This, according to ‘En Comú Podem’s leader, Xavier Domènech, is not likely to happen. “There is a numerical majority but we’ll have to wait and see how ERC, Convergència and PNB react, since they don’t look very willing to get involved”, he said.

Domènech also lamented ERC’s attitude when assuring that the only possible change in Spain was “building an independent Catalonia” and accused them of having a “paternal” tone. “We have won the elections in Catalonia twice and we are the main political space which represents the left in this country”, stated Domènech. “It would be better if some political leaders could leave the paternalism behind”, added Domènech. He also accused ERC of pretending to occupy a central position in Catalan politics.

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