• Stereotypes about Catalonia

    The CNA reviews a series of stereotypes, myths and ideas that foreigners have about Catalonia. What do people in Berlin, New York and Paris think about Catalonia? What are the first things that cross their minds? CNA correspondents are asking residents in world cities to express their views on Catalonia. Stereotypes, myths and common ideas are being shed to light. CNA has also asked experts in Catalonia to verbally reflect on the stereotypes expressed by foreigners.

    This series has 10 issues. From Monday 15th to Friday 26th of November. The list of experts and personalities answering to the myths so far are: 1. Muriel Casals, president of Òmnium Cultural and professor of international economics; 2. Justo Molinero, founder and director of Radio and Tele Taxi; 3. Tomàs Molina, weatherman of the Catalan public television and university professor in Metereology; 4. Miquel Valls, President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce; 5. Salvador Giner, President of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Catalan language academy); 6. Santi Santamaria, chef of the 3-Michelin-star Can Fabes Restaurant; 7. Sergi Belbel, artistic director of the National Theatre of Catalonia; 8. Lluís Gavaldà, lead singer of 'Els Pets'; 9. Laia Fàbregas, writer who lived in Holland many years and arrived there via an Erasmus internship; 10. Marc Márquez, world champion of 125cc motorbikes.
Rusmin Terzic at the FC Barcelona's Camp Nou (by R. Terzic)

26.11.10 - 23:46

Stereotypes about Catalonia - “FC Barcelona, that is what I relate with Catalonia. Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya!”, says Bosnian Rusmin Terzic

Motorbike world champion of 125cc Marc Márquez answers: “More than just football, there are other sports such as hockey, basketball and motorcycling that we are very good at”.
Sarah Pilgreen in New York's Central Park (by A. Matamoros)

23.11.10 - 18:49

Stereotypes about Catalonia - “I know Barcelona, but I don’t exactly know what Catalonia or Catalans are”, states New Yorker Sarah

Sergi Belbel, artistic director of the National Theatre of Catalonia (TNC): “To understand Catalans, the first thing is to understand the concepts of ‘seny’ and ‘rauxa’”.
Gilles Cols, from Brussels (by R. Correa)

18.11.10 - 22:57

Stereotypes about Catalonia - Gilles Cols: “Spaniards should have solidarity; it is a shame that Catalans are separatists”

Miquel Valls, president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, says, “Catalonia is the first economic region in Spain, it makes up 19% of the GDP and has solidarity with the rest of the regions”.
Muriel Casals, President of Òmnium Cultural (by M. Fernández)

15.11.10 - 20:37

Stereotypes about Catalonia – Tomanic: “My Balkan origins know that nationalism can be very dangerous”

Aleksandra Tomanic, a German with Balkan roots, tells CNA what she thinks about Catalonia and nationalism. Muriel Casals, president of the main NGO promoting Catalan culture and expert in International Relations, responds to Tomanic.
Andreas Graf, who lives in Berlin (by N. Perez)

25.11.10 - 23:13

Stereotypes about Catalonia - “Barcelona is the capital of Erasmus”, affirms Berlin resident Andreas

Laia Fàbregas, a Barcelona born writer, says: “Barcelona is much more than that. There are a lot of tourists and different types of people that enjoy living here”.
Laure Elise (by J. Font)

22.11.10 - 23:58

Stereotypes about Catalonia - “Tapas, paella, patates braves and pa amb tomàquet are the dishes that define Barcelona’s way of life”, said Parisian Laure

For chef 7 Michelin-star, Santi Santamaria, with 2 restaurants in Catalonia, 1 in Dubai and 1 in Singapur, tapas are for tourists. “We prefer more to deeply experience dishes”, he states.
Tomàs Molina, Catalan public television's weatherman (by M. Fernández)

17.11.10 - 15:34

Stereotypes about Catalonia - Catalonia means “parties and sun”, “from January to December”, says Parisian

Tomàs Molina, Catalan public television's weatherman, answers: “It only rains 100 days a year here, but when it does, it rains a lot, almost like Monsoon season in India.”
Lucy from Glasgow (by L. Pous)

24.11.10 - 23:35

Stereotypes about Catalonia - Catalan music? "What comes to mind is cheesy salsa, passionate flamenco and Latin dancing”, says Lucy

Lluís Gavaldà, lead singer of Els Pets answers Lucy from Glasgow: “Catalonia has very extensive musical richness, with traditional, classic, jazz and pop music in Catalan”.
Salvador Giner, President of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, the Catalan language academy (by M. Fernández)

19.11.10 - 19:13

Stereotypes about Catalonia - “We ask ourselves if Catalan is really important on an international level”, says Brit

The president of the Institute of Catalan Studies, Salvador Giner, responds, “Catalan is spoken by 10 million people in 4 different countries”.
Justo Molinero, TV and radio host (by M. Fernández)

16.11.10 - 18:25

Stereotypes about Catalonia - “I like Catalan ‘seny’, but where is the ‘rauxa’”?, says Teresa from New York

Justo Molinero, born in Andalucía and founder of a radio and TV station in Catalonia, answers: “Catalans are very serious people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to party and make jokes”.