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Some of the signatories of the 'Let Catalans Vote' manifesto

17.05.17 - 18:22

16 international personalities join the ‘Let Catalans vote’ manifesto

Jane Goodall in the CosmoCaixa science museum, in one of her seldom visits to Barcelona (by CosmoCaixa)

18.05.15 - 21:27

British primatologist Jane Goodall awarded prestigious Premi Internacional Catalunya

'Let Catalans Vote' website (by / ACN)

03.11.14 - 19:50

10 international figures, including 2 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, support Catalonia's right to self-determination

Desmond Tutu giving is acceptance speech (by P. Cortina)

03.06.14 - 22:45

Desmond Tutu openly supports Catalonia's right to self-determination and asks Spanish Government to talk

Desmond Tutu giving a press conference at the Catalan Government's press room (by P. Mateos)

03.06.14 - 19:27

Desmond Tutu urges Spanish authorities to engage in Catalan self-determination debate "like adults"

Desmond Tutu in Andorra in 2008 (by ACN)

08.05.14 - 21:33

South-African Archbishop Desmond Tutu awarded the prestigious Premi Internacional Catalunya