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Former Catalan Minister for Presidency and PDeCAT MP in the Spanish Parliament, Francesc Homs, testifying before Spanish Supreme Court (by ACN)

27.02.17 - 18:17

Homs at 9-N trial: “We couldn’t do anything else, freedom was at stake”

Former Catalan Government's spokesman and MP for the Catalan European Democratic Party (PDCeCAT) testifies before the Spanish Supreme Court rallied around by politicians and civil society representatives (by ACN)

27.02.17 - 10:27

Homs enters the court rallied around by hundreds of supporters

Former Catalan Minister for Presidency and current Catalan European Democratic Party (PDCeCAT) spokesperson in the Spanish Parliament, Francesc Homs, testified before Barcelona’s High Court over 9-N symbolic vote on independence (by ACN),

08.02.17 - 18:48

Homs during 9-N trial: “We were not violating any law”

Former Catalan President, Artur Mas, together with Catalan Government's Spokeswoman, Neus Munté and other representatives joined Francesc Homs on his way to the Court, last September in Madrid (by ACN)

11.01.17 - 18:30

Spanish Prosecutor demands 9-year ban from public office for Homs for allowing 9-N symbolic vote

Vic City Councillor, Joan Coma, and his lawyer, CUP MP Benet Salellas in front of Madrid's Audiencia Nacional (by ACN)

28.12.16 - 17:19

Joan Coma testifies before the Court for defending “civil disobedience” in a plenary session

The President of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, attending the press this Wednesday 19th of October 2016 (by ACN).

22.11.16 - 14:27

Parliament’s President to testify before the court on 16 December

Parliament's President, Carme Forcadell, giving a speech this Thursday 8th of September in Reus (by ACN)

16.11.16 - 18:26

Supreme Court to proceed with case against Parliament’s President for disobedience

Spain's Public Prosecutor, Consuelo Madrigal and President of Spain’s Judicial Power Council (CGPJ) Carlos Lesmes (by ACN)

17.10.16 - 18:48

Spanish Prosecutor urges to file complaint against Forcadell for disobedience

President Mas's interview at Catalunya Radio this morning (by ACN)

30.09.15 - 12:20

President Mas: The Spanish State “will do everything to get rid of me”