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Valle de los Caídos ('Valley of the Fallen') monument, viewed from the esplanade.

11.05.17 - 13:27

Spanish Parliament calls for removal of Franco’s remains from ‘Valle los Caídos’ while PP’s abstains

Presentation of Òmnium Cultural's event to pay tribute to the Francoism's victims (by ACN)

20.11.15 - 14:25

Homage to Franco victims on the 40th anniversary of the dictator's death

The CDU MEP, Ingeborg Grässle, in her European Parliament office this week (by A. Segura)

15.10.14 - 21:02

Trivialisation of Nazism by Spanish nationalists outrages German CDU and Catalan civil society

The Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, at the Spanish Parliament (by ACN)

16.09.14 - 21:14

Spanish Government threatens to suspend Catalonia's self-rule to stop independence vote

A picture from the 'Barcelona Postwar' exhibition at the Montjuïc Castle (by P. Francesch)

03.03.14 - 20:49

Entrance to Montjuïc Castle and exhibitions now costs €5

A picture of the Fascist attack taken by a participant through a cell phone (by Súmate)

18.12.13 - 18:40

Fascist attack against a pro-independence event in Greater Barcelona

Franco's statue at the entrance of the Spanish Army Academy in Zaragoza, which was in place until 2006. Nowadays, there are still many Franco statues and tributes spread throughout Spain (by Aragon Press)

10.12.13 - 14:34

Trial of two Franco torturers is closer thanks to MEP letter

Catalan President Lluís Companys was executed in 1940 by Franco's Fascist military dictatorship (by ACN)

14.11.13 - 17:48

Franco crimes and Catalan President’s murder are investigated by Argentina

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