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Researchers at IsriCaixa Lab (by ACN)

17.02.17 - 16:54

Catalan researchers isolate and control AIDS virus for the first time

People donating blood in Manresa, central Catalonia, a few days ago (by E. Escolà)

14.02.15 - 00:31

Catalonia has 34 blood donors per thousand of population, almost double the European average

Christian Brander, Scientific Director of HIVACAT, presenting the vaccine prototype (by L. Roma)

08.10.13 - 21:19

Catalan researchers present an HIV vaccine prototype that could be tested in humans in 2014

Researchers working on a vaccine against HIV-AIDS at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, in Greater Barcelona (by J. Pujolar)

25.07.13 - 16:49

'The HIV vaccine is an international effort' states HIVACAT Scientific Director Christian Brander

The website of the IDIBAPS' research team on AIDS/HIV and infectious diseases (by IDIBAPS / ACN)

18.01.13 - 00:11

Treating HIV just after the infection delays the damage to the immune system

Researchers working at the new IDIBAPS centre (by M. Belmez)

11.01.13 - 00:08

The University of Barcelona and the Hospital Clínic unveil a new biomedicine centre with more than 200 researchers

A researcher from the HIVACAT, a Catalan project for the development of an effective vaccine against the HIV virus (by ACN)

03.01.13 - 22:24

Catalan researchers closer to finding a therapeutic vaccine against HIV

The crowd at the Palau Sant Jordi (by O. Campuzano)

12.06.12 - 01:55

Pep Guardiola participates in a charity concert in Barcelona against AIDS

Martínez-Picado (left) and Clotet (right) presenting the study (by M. Bélmez)

26.04.12 - 00:30

Catalan researchers discover the molecule enabling HIV/AIDS propagation within the body

Mariano Esteban from the CSIC is directing the project (by CSIC)

28.09.11 - 23:04

A vaccine prototype against HIV partially developed by Catalan researchers provokes a positive reaction in 90% of the cases

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