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A LEVEL aircraft at Iberia's hangar, at Barcelona El Prat airport (by ACN)

01.06.17 - 16:57

LEVEL starts long-haul services from Barcelona with Los Angeles flight

Virtual image of 'LEVEL', the new IAG's low-cost branch (by IAG)

17.03.17 - 18:30

IAG announces new low-cost transcontinental carrier in Barcelona

Vueling has Barcelona El Prat Airport as its main operating base (by ACN)

13.11.13 - 22:33

Vueling adds 14 new routes from Barcelona El Prat Airport

A Vueling aircraft in Barcelona El Prat Airport (by ACN)

25.09.13 - 20:19

IAG CEO: Vueling would still be based in Barcelona even if an independent Catalonia was not in the EU

An Airbus A320 owned by Vueling (by ACN)

16.08.13 - 21:10

IAG will buy 120 new aircraft for the Barcelona-based airline Vueling

An aircraft from the Catalan company Vueling (by O. Bosch)

24.04.13 - 00:08

British Airways-Iberia to own 90% of Vueling after many shareholders decided to accept the takeover offer

A Vueling aircraft in Lleida-Alguaire airport (by ACN)

10.04.13 - 01:16

Vueling’s Board accepts the new takeover conditions offered by British Airways-Iberia

Vueling is based in Barcelona and is one of the few European airlines earning a profit in the last few years (by ACN)

27.03.13 - 21:53

British Airways-Iberia improve their takeover offer on Vueling’s shares with an increase from €7 to €9.25

A Vueling aircraft in Barcelona El Prat Airport (by ACN)

08.03.13 - 22:35

Vueling’s Board rejects British Airways and Iberia’s takeover offer

Vueling earned a net profit of €28.3 million in 2012, almost three times more than the €10.3 million of 2011 (by ACN)

27.02.13 - 22:44

Barcelona-based Vueling tripled its profits in 2012 and became the third airline in Paris-Orly

The Catalan Vueling might be entirely bought by British Airways and Iberia (by ACN)

08.11.12 - 22:31

British Airways and Iberia launch takeover proceedings on the remaining 54% stake of the Catalan Vueling