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Catalan MEPs, Josep Maria Terricabras (ERC), Ramon Tremosa (PDECat) and Ernest Urtasun (ICV)

27.10.16 - 19:41

Overturning of bullfighting ban in Catalonia outrages 37 MEPs from different parties and countries

EPP MEP,  Sipra Pietikäinen, during an intervention at the European Parliament (by ACN)

12.05.17 - 10:47

Conservative MEP calls for “mediation” between Catalonia and Spain and considers Forcadells' prosecution a "very hard" reaction

Catalan and Spanish MEPS from eight different parties' press conference in Strasbourg (by ACN)

25.11.15 - 18:35

MEPs call for the EU’s support to end Francoism impunity in Spain

GUE / NGL MEP, Gabriele Zimmer, addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg (by ACN)

17.03.17 - 14:20

MEPs consider Catalan independence vote sentencing “reprehensible” and “worrying”

EPP MEP Csaba Sógor interviewed by the CNA (by ACN)

09.02.17 - 13:20

MEPs from all parties consider 9-N trial “counterproductive” and call for "political” solution

Detail of a ballot box (by ACN)

11.11.16 - 14:56

European Parliament calls on Spanish Government to review voting system for residents abroad

Catalan MEPs and members of the Platform for the Defence of the Ebro Delta (PDE) at the European Parliament (by ACN)

13.07.16 - 20:00

European Parliament urges Spain to stop Ebro basin plan after MEP assessment on the ground

Image of Ceuta's beach in the border between Spain and Morocco (by Metromuster)

21.03.16 - 19:12

MEPs ask EC about Russian use of Ceuta’s port during Ukrainian conflict

From left to right, Swedish MEP Bodil Valero, Liberal CDC’s MEP Ramon Tremosa and left wing pro-independence ERC’s MEP, Josep Maria Terricabras (by ACN)

08.02.16 - 19:55

MEPs visit the Ebro Delta to check whether Spain’s National Water Plan infringes European regulations

Conservative MEP, british Ian Duncan (by ACN)

02.10.15 - 14:50

MEPs ask for “dialogue” rather than “legal procedures” to deal with Catalonia’s push for independence

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