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The Current Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, on the second day of the debate on investiture (by Spanish Parliament)

27.10.16 - 19:27

Second day of Spanish investiture debate centres on Catalonia's push for independence

Current Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy during his first press conference after winning th Spanish Elections (by ACN)

27.06.16 - 19:21

Rajoy warns he “won’t renounce his right to rule” but admits to being “open to all formulas”

Image of Current Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy during a press conference after Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont's investiture (by ACN)

13.01.16 - 17:08

The Spanish Government may impugn Puigdemont’s taking office

Image of a plenary session of Spanish Constitutional Court (TC) (by ACN)

11.11.15 - 20:22

Spanish Constitutional Court suspends Parliament's declaration of independence

Oriol Junqueras (centre) looks at the Catalan President (talking) on Wednesday (by R. Garrido)

26.11.14 - 21:14

Not all pro-independence parties are willing to join Catalan President’s shared electoral list

Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, during the conference 'Connected to the future' in Barcelona (by ACN)

28.03.17 - 14:14

Rajoy promises investing on infrastructures to weaken independence aspirations

The leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, during his confidence vote in the Spanish Parliament (by ACN)

31.08.16 - 15:48

Renewed deadlock in Spain

Current Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, joined by Current Spanish Vice President, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría (by ACN)

27.07.16 - 19:10

Spain responds to Parliament’s vote on pro-independence roadmap by appealing to the TC again

Image of Current Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy during an appearance before the media (by ACN)

03.05.16 - 18:42

It’s official: Spanish election to be held on 26th of June

Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont during his first meeting with Current Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy (by ACN)

20.04.16 - 20:39

Puigdemont asks Rajoy to “at least hold a binding referendum” in Catalonia

Current Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy met Anti-Catalan nationalism Ciutadans' leader, Albert Rivera this Thursday (by PP)

11.02.16 - 18:51

“Defending national unity” one of Rajoy’s main conditions for reaching government alliances

Image of PSOE's Federal Committee with Pedro Sánchez at the forefront (by ACN)

28.12.15 - 14:44

PSOE won’t negotiate “Spain’s territorial integrity”

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