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Catalan MEPs, Josep Maria Terricabras (ERC), Ramon Tremosa (PDECat) and Ernest Urtasun (ICV)

27.10.16 - 19:41

Overturning of bullfighting ban in Catalonia outrages 37 MEPs from different parties and countries

European Parliament's president, Martin Schulz, joined by Catalan MEPs Ernest Maragall, Ramon Tremosa, Francesc Gambús, Ernest Urtasun and Josep Maria Terricabras  (by ACN)

30.10.15 - 18:00

Schulz takes the scandal of the two versions of the Commission's answer "very seriously"

The Catalan MEPs in front of the European flag (by ACN)

13.06.17 - 11:46

MEPs disobey by speaking Catalan in EU Parliament

Former Catalan President, Artur Mas and former Catalan Ministers Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau leaving Barcelona's High Court (by ACN)

14.03.17 - 14:24

Catalan MEPs report “disgraceful and anti-democratic” 9-N sentence to the European Parliament

Catalan MEPs Josep Maria Terricabras and Ramon Tremosa talking in front of an EU flag in the European Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg (by ACN)

24.11.16 - 14:28

Catalan MEPs report “democratic regression in Spain” and explain judicialisation of politics to the European Parliament

Cranes working at Port de Barcelona (by ACN)

10.03.16 - 11:09

The EP approves a new regulation which would grant Barcelona Port newfound autonomy

Catalan Minister for Agriculture, Jordi Ciuraneta claimed that Spanish diplomacy “obstructed” the commercial mission of twenty Catalan companies in China (by ACN)

25.11.15 - 20:23

Spain’s embassy “obstructed” Catalan companies’ commercial mission to China

SCC's former president, Josep Ramon Bosch, SCC's international spokesperson, Susana Bertran and PP MEP, Santiago Fisas, receving European Citizen 2014 award (by ACN)

30.10.15 - 18:22

Call for the European Parliament to withdraw the European Citizen 2014 award from 'Societat Civil Catalana'

EC's President, Jean-Claude Juncker and European Ombudsman, Emily O'Rilley (by ACN)

19.10.15 - 14:33

European Ombudsman: EC's statements on Catalonia's independence are "a personal view"

Philip VI speech in the European Parliament, in Strasbourg (by ACN)

07.10.15 - 15:46

Spanish King to the European Parliament: “I’m European because I’m Spanish”

Conservative MEP, british Ian Duncan (by ACN)

02.10.15 - 14:50

MEPs ask for “dialogue” rather than “legal procedures” to deal with Catalonia’s push for independence

EC's president Jean-Claude Juncker (by ACN)

24.09.15 - 17:26

Brussels: The Spanish translation was a “human mistake” as “nobody can manipulate the EC”

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