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A high-school class in Catalonia (by M. Belmez)

19.05.17 - 08:59

Spanish Ministry of Education to investigate textbooks used in Catalonia

The Catalan Education Minister, Irene Rigau, on Thursday in Barcelona (by P. Mateos)

20.03.14 - 20:35

Catalan Education Minister believes the Spanish Government's school reform can still be stopped

The website of the Escola Pia school network (by Escola Pia)

07.02.14 - 20:26

Privately-owned school: “we choose to teach in Catalan because we are deeply rooted to this country”

Catalan minister Irene Rigau in the negotiations in Madrid (by ACN)

04.12.12 - 20:03

Catalan and Spanish governments clash over Catalan language in schools

A group of children in a Catalan school (by ACN)

27.06.12 - 23:48

Catalan should not be the only main language of instruction for small children, says Spain’s Supreme Court