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Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, Sinn Féin's TD Seán Crowe and the party leader Gerry Adams holding a Catalan pro-independence flag (by @sinnfeinireland)

13.12.16 - 12:05

Sinn Féin call for Spanish Government to stop proceedings against Carme Forcadell

EPP MEP,  Sipra Pietikäinen, during an intervention at the European Parliament (by ACN)

12.05.17 - 10:47

Conservative MEP calls for “mediation” between Catalonia and Spain and considers Forcadells' prosecution a "very hard" reaction

Sinn Féin's leader, Gerry Adams, interviewed by the CNA (by ACN)

25.05.17 - 11:50

Gerry Adams applauds “the peaceful and democratic nature” of Catalonia’s pro-independence process