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Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, during the conference 'Connected to the future' in Barcelona (by ACN)

28.03.17 - 14:14

Rajoy promises investing on infrastructures to weaken independence aspirations

SNP MP, George Kerevan, chairman of the APPG on Catalonia (by ACN)

03.05.17 - 10:01

British MPs accuse Rajoy of breaching freedom of speech by prosecuting Forcadell

Spain's Minister for Finance, Cristóbal Montoro (by ACN)

04.04.17 - 17:49

Rajoy's promises to Catalonia absent from budget

ERC's spokesman, Sergi Sabrià, together with ERC MEP, Jordi Solé, addressing the press this Monday (by ACN)

27.03.17 - 18:30

ERC admits having “few expectations” regarding Rajoy’s promises

Mediterranean Railway Corridor

27.03.17 - 18:00

The Mediterranean Railway Corridor, a key, long-awaited infrastructure

The current Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, speaking from the podium of the Spanish Parliament during the last debate on investiture (by ACN)

26.10.16 - 18:40

Rajoy to be invested as Spanish President on Saturday

Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, during an event held this week in Barcelona (by ACN)

22.06.16 - 18:27

Rajoy on Fernández Díaz’s smear conspiracy against pro-independence parties: “I just found out yesterday”

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