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58th International Association of Judges Meeting

05.10.15 - 14:37

Barcelona hosts International Judges Meeting weeks before President Mas court appearance

Former Catalan Government's spokesman and MP for the Catalan European Democratic Party (PDCeCAT) testifies before the Spanish Supreme Court rallied around by politicians and civil society representatives (by ACN)

27.02.17 - 10:27

Homs enters the court rallied around by hundreds of supporters

Parliament's President, Carme Forcadell, giving a speech this Thursday 8th of September in Reus (by ACN)

16.11.16 - 18:26

Supreme Court to proceed with case against Parliament’s President for disobedience

Francesc Homs during a press conference after his statement in the Supreme Court (by ACN)

19.09.16 - 16:20

Homs claims his sentence for organising the 9-N vote “has already been dictated”

Former Catalan Minister for Presidency, Francesc Homs and Former Catalan President, Artur Mas, during a PDC's press conference (by ACN)

14.09.16 - 18:31

Mas and several Catalan Ministers to accompany Homs in his statement before the Court