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Image of a surgeon using 'Da Vinci' robot (by ACN)

19.04.17 - 18:14

Pioneering robotic surgery operation in Badalona

People donating blood in Manresa, central Catalonia, a few days ago (by E. Escolà)

14.02.15 - 00:31

Catalonia has 34 blood donors per thousand of population, almost double the European average

 The team of surgeons at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital with the two 3D models

03.07.14 - 19:06

Surgeons in Barcelona extirpate a tumour in a 5 year old child using 3D model

Víctor Valdés in a press conference a few months ago (by FC Barcelona)

31.03.14 - 14:19

Víctor Valdés’ surgery is successful and he will be out for seven months

One of the new surgery rooms unveiled in Barcelona's Vall d'Hebrón hospital in 2013 (by J. Pérez)

21.03.14 - 20:29

Almost 24,000 patients have to wait longer than guaranteed surgery time

The patient Leonor Garrido and part of the medical team (by S. Sabaté)

30.01.14 - 23:51

Barcelona doctors can perform breast reconstruction in a single surgery

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