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Researchers at IsriCaixa Lab (by ACN)

17.02.17 - 16:54

Catalan researchers isolate and control AIDS virus for the first time

Irma Pujol (right), who has led the research, and Sílvia Rodríguez (left) this week in their lab (by ACN)

04.06.15 - 21:36

Type 1 diabetes vaccine could be on the way as Catalan researchers take a step forward

The Barcelona-based researcher, Pedro Alonso (by ACN)

31.07.14 - 21:27

Barcelona-based Professor Pedro Alonso named Director of the WHO Global Malaria Program

Christian Brander, Scientific Director of HIVACAT, presenting the vaccine prototype (by L. Roma)

08.10.13 - 21:19

Catalan researchers present an HIV vaccine prototype that could be tested in humans in 2014

Researchers working on a vaccine against HIV-AIDS at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, in Greater Barcelona (by J. Pujolar)

25.07.13 - 16:49

'The HIV vaccine is an international effort' states HIVACAT Scientific Director Christian Brander

Mariano Esteban from the CSIC is directing the project (by CSIC)

28.09.11 - 23:04

A vaccine prototype against HIV partially developed by Catalan researchers provokes a positive reaction in 90% of the cases