Articles tagged with: Valls

The human tower built in front of the Sagrada Família, at the same time than those in the rest of Europe (by M. Martí)

17.05.17 - 19:58

Last works on the human towers museum of Catalonia

Aerial shot of Valls' industrial park 'Palau del Reig', 15 kilometres north of Tarragona (by ACN)

04.01.17 - 18:32

IKEA to build new distribution centre for online purchases in Catalonia

Mossos d'Esquadra officers arresting a suspected terrorist in Sabadell (by J. Pujolar)

09.04.15 - 01:58

Jihadist cell which "wanted to attack" uncovered by Catalan Police

Calçots being cooked (by C. C. Salellas)

09.03.15 - 21:01

Onions on fire: the internationalisation of ‘calçots’

A Japanese tourist eating a 'calçot' with romesco sauce (by A. Ferràs)

30.01.12 - 19:47

Valls welcomes the annual Catalan gastronomic tradition of the ‘Calçotada’

Nativity scene in Bàscara, in northern Catalonia (by ACN / Bàscara Nativity Scene Association)

19.12.11 - 23:51

Thanks to volunteers Living Nativity Scenes brighten up Catalan towns

Tarragona's volunteers just after having heard the city's confirmation as the venue for the 2017 Mediterranean Games (by ACN)

17.10.11 - 21:40

Tarragona elected as host city of the 2017 Mediterranean Games

Over 57 groups came together to build traditional human towers (by ACN)

31.01.11 - 22:49

Over 10,000 Catalan Castellers unite in Valls to build human towers together