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The 12 MPs of 'En Comú Podem' which will be in the Spanish Parliament (by ACN)

26.07.16 - 19:21

‘En Comú Podem’, winning alliance in Catalonia in the Spanish Elections, won’t have its own group in the Spanish Parliament

'En Comú Podem' leader, Xavier Domènech, during his press conference at the European Parliament (by ACN)

28.02.17 - 14:25

EU support for referendum “to be gained through persistence rather than urgency”, says ‘En Comú Podem’ leader

Alternative Left alliance 'En Comú Podem's candidate for the Spanish Elections in Barcelona, Xavier Domènech (by ACN)

21.06.16 - 18:54

Party Review – En Comú Podem: A plurinational Spain and a “differentiated solution” for Catalonia

En Comú Podem's leader, Xavier Domènech at his press conference at CNA headquarters (by ACN)

10.12.15 - 14:57

Party Review: En Comú Podem, the Catalan alternative left coalition

Image of Spanish alternative left Podemos' leader, Pablo Iglesias (by ACN)

25.11.15 - 19:37

Spanish alternative left Podemos openly support a referendum in Catalonia

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