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Spanish Constitutional Court's President, Francisco Pérez de los Cobos, left office this Wednesday (by ACN)

15.03.17 - 18:49

“Political dialogue urgently needed,” says Spanish Constitutional Court President in resignation speech

Meeting of CUP's national secretariat last September (by ACN)

17.06.16 - 18:58

Half of CUP’s national secretariat step down

Spanish Minister for Industry, José Manuel Soria (by ACN)

15.04.16 - 15:07

Spanish Minister of Industry resigns over Panama leaks

Pere Navarro explaining the details of his resignation (by R. Garrido)

11.06.14 - 21:41

Catalan Socialist leader resigns due to electoral clashes and internal tensions for self-determination

King Juan Carlos signing his abdication (by Casa Real / La Zarzuela)

02.06.14 - 21:07

Juan Carlos I, the King who oversaw transition from dictatorship to democracy in Spain

The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, reacting to the King's abdication (by N. Julià)

02.06.14 - 15:43

"Spain can change the monarch, but Catalonia's political process goes on", states Catalan President